Sunday, November 12, 2006

Vote on Gay Marriage Here on

UPDATED 11/15/06:
I have been contacted by a friend who has the inside scoop on what is happening behind the scenes with one of the major groups involved in the anti-gay marriage petition. I have been told that they have computer savvy volunteers who are tirelessly working to manipulate the poll on to reflect what they wish the public to see. This information has been passed on to the Boston Globe who owns the site, and people are looking into these allegations. I will update this further as need be. I am sure after the rampant fraud that has been exposed during the signature collection process of the petition that this final and desperate act to try to fool people into believing their is more support for their cause does not surprise anyone.

Original post begins here:
I am promoting this poll on in order to prove a point. If what I suspect is true, it will prove that gay marriage is in fact approved by the citizens of this state, and there is no need to drag us all into another two years of vitriol just because a few loons can't get their noses out of the Old Testament. Visit and vote, and let's just see how the vote turns out. As a side note, Massachusetts Family Institute sent out an email days ago to its followers to go to this site in order to sway the outcome, but it doesn't seem to be working. Click here.

The current battle cry of the religious right is, "LET THE PEOPLE VOTE!" I doubt even a vote from the populace would stop them from pushing their hate, but we may never know for sure if our representatives do their job correctly. There is good reason for an amendment to pass through their hands twice before going on a ballot, and weeding out potentially dangerous and illegal legislation like the anti-equality amendment it a great example of such a need.

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