Friday, May 18, 2007

Marriage Petition Fraud Exposed in Massachusetts

This footage was shot during a recent Judicial Committee Hearing! There is also a criminal inestigation currently underway directed by the Attorney General, and there is no comment from that office. Here's more:

Why should you care? Because when you aren't paying attention, things like this brutal assault on an equality supporter happen:

There is no good reason to deny people equality, and marriage serves as a great point to focus your logic on. Wilbur "Mitt" Romney said that marriage is about the nurtouring and development of children. I wonder if he understands what a slap in the face his statement is to all those people who wed for love. Doesn't love conquer all Wilbur? Many people who will wed that will not be able to conceive children, and that has never been a reason to deny them their equality in the past. The public is being misled by the very people they think they can trust. The only way to know what is the truth is to verify all the facts, and to think. Be a responsibile citizen, and be involved. We generally get the government we deserve though our actions and inactions. Talk to your friends and share your thoughts.