Saturday, November 10, 2007

Lori Ehrlich For State Representative

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Also in the race officially is Marblehead resident Lori Ehrlich, who planned to launch her campaign with a short speech Wednesday afternoon at King’s Beach on the Swampscott-Lynn line. Ehrlich is perhaps best known as the co-founder of two environmental non-profit organizations, HealthLink and the Wenham Lake Watershed Association, the latter of which cleaned up pollution to a water source for 80,000 people in Salem, Beverly and parts of Wenham.

Ehrlich has also been a practicing CPA for the last 22 years, working with local businesses.

“I’m used to listening and giving advice on tax matters; it is a natural fit for me to listen and giving advice on policy matters,” she said.

In addition to her accounting degree from Lehigh University, Ehrlich attained her master’s degree in public administration from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government in 2005.

Ehrlich said she enrolled in the Kennedy School not with an eye on elective office but to become a “more effective policy advocate.” She was, however, chosen for a program for women who might one day like to enter the political arena entitled, “From Harvard Square to the Oval Office.”

Twice elected as a delegate to the Massachusetts Democratic Convention, Ehrlich notes that she has “worked with four governors.” She was appointed to Gov. Mitt Romney’s 10-member environmental policy transition team in 2002 and served on Gov. Deval Patrick’s energy and environmental policy team during the campaign.

A regular guest lecturer at Salem State College, Harvard University and Endicott College, Ehrlich served as convocation speaker at the Governor’s Academy this past year and has been asked to speak in a number of different venues, including to the Northshore Computer Society about her successful blog,

Ehrlich also takes pride in the “Real World Fridays” program she helped being to Marblehead Middle School. The program, which has since been incorporated into the curriculum as the “EDU block,” brought professionals from the community into the classroom to share the benefit of their experience.

Ehrlich has ties to all three communities she would potentially represent, she added. She attended Marblehead schools through fifth grade, moving to Swampscott midway through her sixth-grade year and graduating from Swampscott High in 1981. Her mother, Diana Litman, still lives in the Swampscott home where she grew up. Born at Lynn Hospital, Ehrlich has a number of clients in Lynn, she added.

“The communities in the district all have a similar interest in maximizing state aid,” she said. “There’s no reason why we all can’t work together to get every last possible dollar of local aid we can.”

I have spoken with Ehrlich directly and she is also an unwavering supporter of equality. With her education, determination, and compassion she seems to make a spectacular candidate. To know more about some of work visit her website

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Ryan Adams said...

I'm so pumped I get to vote for her! I've already called her up offerring her my help in any way I can. I'm having happy thoughts about the end of this race; I think we're going to win it.