Saturday, August 01, 2009

Chris Mason Catches Signature Gathering Fraud on Video

Chris Mason is a student at Tufts University who is touring the country promoting equality as a good will ambassador and GLBT Commissioner of Cambridge, Massachusetts. His tour includes filming for a documentary that covers his adventures across all 48 contiguous states and can be followed from his website While he was in Washington state he caught this man attempting in what seems like a clear attempt to deceive registered voters into signing the petition to prevent gay marriage by using tricky wording. Once caught he backtracks and makes more elaborations to his story. Now where have we seen this before? Oh yes, it was with in 2005 right here in Massachusetts.


Anonymous said...

More homosexual perversion:

Deputy accused of sexual abuse was fighter for gay rights

By Ihosvani Rodriguez, Juan Ortega and Joel Marino

South Florida Sun Sentinel

August 4, 2009

FORT LAUDERDALE - To the South Florida gay community, Jonathan Bleiweiss was a pioneering, openly gay Broward sheriff's deputy who fought discrimination within that agency earlier in his career.

But court documents released Tuesday portray Bleiweiss, 29, as a manipulative sex offender who preyed on illegal immigrants too scared to contact authorities. He would act like a jilted lover when the men would not return his calls or text messages, according to those records, based on victims' accounts.

Bleiweiss, arrested Monday, faces 14 charges, among them three counts of sexual battery by a person in authority, four counts of battery and one count of stalking. He's accused of intimidating at least eight men in his Oakland Park patrol district into performing sex acts with him during traffic stops...

Investigators said they opened the case in April, after learning a deputy was committing the assaults. Officials on Tuesday declined to say when Bleiweiss became a suspect.

He was removed from road patrol in mid-July, only after there was substantive proof to make a case, said Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Veda Coleman-Wright.

The court documents state the men positively identified Bleiweiss from a photo lineup starting in July...

Court records show most of the alleged attacks followed a pattern: The victims were fondled during pat-downs following early-morning traffic stops.

Some were coerced to give up cell phone numbers and agreed to meet for future sexual encounters. In all cases, the men told investigators they felt they could not refuse the uniformed deputy's demands without a reprisal.

According to the affidavit, an illegal immigrant from Mexico told an investigator he endured five different incidents with Bleiweiss between April 22 and June 7.

The man said Bleiweiss fondled him and whispered Spanish obscenities before molesting him. After the incident, Bleiweiss allegedly continued to call and text message the man days later, pressuring him to meet up again.

"Que pasa, amigo?" read one message after the man did not reply.

The man said he pleaded with Bleiweiss to stop assaulting him during other similar encounters, insisting he only liked women.

A second man, also from Mexico, said he was assaulted on three separate occasions. During one traffic stop, the man said he loudly urged Bleiweiss to arrest him or call immigration authorities as he was being fondled.

A teen, who moved to South Florida from Mexico after Hurricane Wilma in 2005, said Bleiweiss fondled and masturbated him on two separate occasions.

A man from El Salvador and his brother were returning home from work on their bikes when Bleiweiss stopped them. The deputy fondled the man after ordering his brother to leave the scene, officials said...

John said...

A lot of straight people have done bad things.

John Hosty-Grinnell said...

John, for people who live in ignorance this story indicates the idea that all GLBT people are like this. Bigots commonly see stereotypes instead of individuals.

Anonymous said...
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John Hosty-Grinnell said...

Anonymous, be sure your comments are pertinent to the subject of the article or your comments may be removed. Feel free to visit the article we wrote about Wayne Besen being in Boston to protest Exodus International and talk about this there.

Anonymous said...

This blog has promoted Milk, an avowed atheist who was a close friend and associate of Jim Jones. This blog is cultish.

John said...

This blog did not so much "promote" Milk, but recognize him for his accomplishments.

I really know very little about Milk or his connection with Jim Jones, and I don't really care.

We recognize the accomplishements of Thomas Jefferson. That he owned slaves and was a man of poor moral character, in no way lessens his importance to our founding.

Rebecca said...

We recognize the accomplishements of Thomas Jefferson. That he owned slaves and was a man of poor moral character, in no way lessens his importance to our founding.

I think conservatives have a real problem understanding this - that someone's ideas do not necessarily reflect on their character or vice versa. Hence "Hitler was a vegetarian!!!1!!one!" Or, to put it another way, they do not recognize that an idea can have value on its own merits.

I think I will write a post on that. (as well as that one I keep saying I'm going to write about the co-option of language, and one on the identification of the country with the party by Republicans. I am a lazy blogger.)

John said...

Absolutely, Rebecca, and I'll take it a step further.

Many of these conservatives look to the Bible for their inspiration, and yet virtually every person of influence in the Bible is seriously flawed.

That's kind of a major point in the narrative.

Surely, we should have no respect for Paul, given his history of persecution of Christians, right ?

Rebecca said...

It comes down either to excusing all the bad things that someone did (Paul, Jefferson) or dismissing their ideas (Margaret Sanger was racist, thus, birth control is evil).

John Hosty-Grinnell said...

I really hate having to censor someone, even a troll, so I am going to allow continued comments a little longer.

Anonymous, is there a point where you will start having dialog or are your visits going to always consist of hit and run flame attacks? It seems to me that if you think you are in the right you should be willing to support your opinions logically and not just emotionally.

dyana said...
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