Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happy Holidays to All!

This is a time of year that we need to remember what we all know to be right; to love thy neighbor. It's a time when all of us look at our fellow man with kinder gentler eyes and we realize that no matter how different we may seem we are in fact very similar in our hearts. All people want safety for themselves and for their loved ones. All people crave joy and hope. All people have fears, dreams, and inner struggles that manifest themselves in our behaviors.

No matter who you are, kindness is never a waste of time because it speaks of you and your character. Whether the kindness you give is received gracefully or not it always changes both you and the recipient for the better. Perhaps if we all try a little harder in this season to be a little better to each other we can help to dispel some small portion of the fears we have throughout the year that keep hate alive. Perhaps through love we can in fact conquer all. Isn't this what Christ spoke of? Isn't peace and good will a primary aspect of all modern religions and what we know to be true?

The tiny candle in the window I leave for you the reader is symbolic of the candle one would leave to let weary travelers know they are welcome in days long ago. Let it symbolize for us the love we have not only for those familiar, but also for those friends we have not yet met, and also symbolize the hope we carry that tomorrow will be better than today by sharing love through our actions.

Let our love transform the world one person, one action at a time.


jelly said...

beautifully said john!

happy holidays to you and your family.

John Hosty-Grinnell said...

Thank you Jelly! Same to you and yours... ;)

jelly said...

John, where have you been?
Are you on FB?
Tomorrow is a big day here in NJ, voting on marriage equality.
I'm surprised you haven't posted about it.
And of course I'm battling it out with some knucklehead on FB about it.
I even said "John...where are you when I need your support???:

lol...seriously, I was thinking of you. Hope all is well.

John said...


I can't say, in a public forum, why I have been out of touch with the blogosphere.

But, I'll be back someday, hopefully soon.

I will be monitoring the vote in NJ, but I have no insight as to how it will go.

Randy said...

A former Boston Herald columnist says Senator-elect Scott Brown's triumph last night in Massachusetts will create a political "sea change" across the nation.

Democrats nationwide are reeling after Republican Scott Brown's historic election victory over Martha Coakley to fill the Massachusetts Senate seat once held by Ted Kennedy. Brown won by more than 100,000 votes in a state where Democrats control every constitutional office from governor on down, four-fifths of each branch of the state legislature, and -- up until last night -- the state's entire congressional delegation.

Conservative commentator Don Feder was a syndicated columnist at the Boston Herald for 19 years. He says it is hard to overstate the significance of Brown's win, both in Massachusetts and nationally.

"Nationally it's going to create a sea change," says Feder. "But bear in mind: this is only one stage in the ongoing revolt against Barack Obama and his agenda.

"It started with the Tea Party rallies last April; then the town hall meetings in the summer; then the election of Republican governors in Virginia and New Jersey," the journalist continues. "And now for the first time in 40 years, Massachusetts is electing a Republican to the United States Senate -- when people say this is the 'bluest of Blue states,' that's no exaggeration."

As a result of Brown's win, Feder believes Republican candidates who ordinarily would have found it difficult to raise money, will "find it easy" because many GOP donors "will sense victory in the air."

Now it's time to remove homosexual anti-Christian bigot Barney Frank as well as Deval Patrick and Senator Kerry.

It's a new day. The demonic DemocraticParty is in

John said...

Randy, take it easy. Down boy.

Anonymous said...

Randy is not a dog. But your arrogance is typical of the liberal Democrat. But your arrogance will not prevent the inevitable.

Energized Republicans threaten Deval Patrick’s re-election chances
By Hillary Chabot
Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The crushing momentum of state Sen. Scott Brown’s popular U.S. Senate campaign should be a wake-up call for Gov. Deval Patrick’s already shaky hold on the Corner Office , as Patrick’s three formidable challengers seek to cash in on a surge of voter discontent, said Beacon Hill observers.

“There’s no question that the Senate race significantly heightens the prospects of Deval Patrick’s challengers and it certainly only adds more to the worries that have already existed among Deval Patrick supporters,” said Paul Watanabe, political professor for the University of Massachusetts at Boston.

The gubernatorial race is expected to skyrocket into statewide prominence as voters energized by Brown’s come-from-behind race look for the next big candidate, said Democratic strategist Michael Shea.

“I think it’s a wake-up call to the governor and every Democrat in Massachusetts that there are lots of angry, frightened people out there, and they are striking out,” Shea said.

But state Democratic Party chairman John Walsh said the race also works in Patrick’s favor, because his Democratic base is now energized and unlikely to take any vote for granted.

“For Deval Patrick and Tim Murray, the implications are they need to talk to people on the ground and engage with them. Clearly that’s something they’ve been doing since they got there,” Walsh said.

State Treasurer Timothy Cahill, who is challenging Patrick as an independent candidate, said Brown’s unlikely bid has boosted his own chances.

“If anyone tells me over the next six months that I can’t win, I’ll look at them and say, ‘Did you say that about Scott Brown?’ ” Cahill said.

“There is nothing good in this for the governor,” Cahill said. “He put his prestige on the line here (by backing Coakley.)”

Republican candidate Charlie Baker, former CEO of Harvard Pilgrim, said the race is a “referendum on everybody on Beacon Hill.”

“They’re spending too much time worrying about themselves and not enough about everyone else,” said Baker, who faces fellow businessman Christy Mihos in the Republican gubernatorial primary

John said...

I am hardly a liberal Democrat.

Seriously, Brown's Victory certainly will excite the GOP base in Massachusetts, and well it should, but Massachuetts has a Republican governor for most of my life, and for the most part, I happen to think the GOP governors have served the Commonwealth fairly well.

They tend to be fairly moderate in the governance if not in their rhetoric.

I see a fairly subtle power shift going on here in the Bay State, but the issues I care about are not threatened, but in fact enhanced, by responsible GOP participation in our democracy.

I am no fan of one-party rule.