Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's Time We Address the "Tea Klux Klan" -TransGroit

Enough is enough! Where did the courage Americans are famous for go? When was it replaced by goose stepping conspiratorialists Hell bent on dividing our populace who seem all too hungry to accept those lies unchallenged? For a nation that claims to be Judeo-Christian based is seems ironic how often the primary principles of these religions can be forgone, like the Ten Commandments for example, where we swear not to bear false witness against one another. How can such blatant lies against our own President go unchallenged? Because America has gotten soft and cowardly and no longer has the courage it had once to stand up against what's wrong and accept what it costs us. Our forefathers did it for us, their descendants, are our prosperities less deserving of the same?! Perhaps all we need is a good kick in the pants and a dose of reality. Please read this letter from our friends at TransGriot and take action:

Dear friends,

It's time to hold the Republican Party accountable. You've probably heard about Tea Party members shouting "Nigger!" at Black Congressmen during a protest in Washington, D.C. last weekend. One of the protesters spat on Congressman Emmanuel Cleaver, while another called openly gay Representative Barney Frank a "faggot" as the laughing crowd imitated his lisp.[1]
But Saturday was just the most recent example of the intolerance and hate coming from right-wing extremists this past year. At times it's been instigated by Republican leaders. When not, it's usually condoned and seen as part of a strategy to score politically. Either way, it's completely unacceptable and has to stop.

It's time to confront Republican leadership and force them to take responsibility for the atmosphere they've helped create. Please join me in signing ColorOfChange's petition confronting Republican leaders about hate and fear-mongering in their party, and ask your friends and family to do the same:

We're calling on RNC Chair Michael Steele, House Minority Leader John Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to publicly do two simple things:

- Unequivocally condemn bigotry and hate among their supporters, and make clear that those who embrace it have no place in their party.

- Make clear that they will not tolerate fear-mongering and coded appeals to racism from officials in the Republican party, at any level.

Republican leaders publicly denounced Saturday's ugly scene, but they failed to acknowledge that this is only the latest incident in a pattern of violent rhetoric, racially charged imagery, and paranoid conspiracy theories at Tea Party rallies.[2] Many Tea Partiers aren't simply about dissent -- they use fear and hatred to assault the very legitimacy of our elected leaders. It's the worst America has to offer. Despite this, Republican leaders court the Tea Party movement while methodically supporting, exacerbating and exploiting their fear and anger for cynical political ends.[3] This is nothing less than a betrayal of American values, and it's up to us to force the Republicans to stop aiding and abetting this enterprise:

The Tea Party movement has been marked by racially inflammatory and violent outbursts since its inception a year ago. GOP leaders are trying to pass off this weekend's assaults on Congressmen Lewis, Cleaver, Clyburn and Frank as isolated incidents. But when so-called "isolated incidents" crop up again and again, a pattern starts to emerge. The examples are numerous.

At rallies held to protest tax day last year, Tea Partiers carried signs that announced "Obama's Plan: White Slavery," "The American Taxpayers are the Jews for Obama's Oven," and "Guns Tomorrow!"[4] The Republican National Committee had endorsed the rallies, and RNC Chairman Michael Steele encouraged Tea Partiers to send a "virtual tea bag" to President Obama and Democratic Congressional leadership.[5] After reports of the fear-mongering signs surfaced, Steele did nothing to distance his party from the lunatic fringe. He has even gone so far as to say that if he didn't have his current position, he'd be "out there with the tea partiers."[6]
The Tea Party's venomous rhetoric picked up steam over the summer, when angry mobs flooded town hall meetings legislators had organized as sites for rational, civil debate on health care reform. After one meeting in Atlanta, a swastika was painted on the office of Congressman David Scott (D-GA), who had also received a flier addressed to "nigga David Scott."[7] Some protesters showed up at town hall meetings carrying guns, including at least one man who was armed at an event where the President was speaking.[8] Again, Republicans responded to these tactics with silence, doing nothing to denounce them.

Our country deserves better than this. No matter what party one supports, we should all take strong action to support civil, honest, and respectful public debate. Please join me in calling on Republican leaders to denounce racist rhetoric and fear-mongering, and reject it from their party. And when you do, please ask your family and friends to do the same:

Monica Roberts

4. See Reference 2


John said...

A commenter on Ed Brayton's blog, Nils Ross summed up the GOP thusly:

...consists of two groups: (a) well educated, wealthy people that know the value of scamming ignorant saps when it comes to accumulating wealth and power, and (b) ignorant saps.

John Hosty-Grinnell said...

That pretty much it is isn't it? John, were you able to listen to the video posted from Wayne Besen's blog? When the Tea Party individuals (group "b") are asked what about the health care bill they object to none of them seem to come up with a thought of their own. Some even state right on camera that they have no idea what's in the bill because they haven't read it for themselves.

John Hosty-Grinnell Watch said...

JHG: Have you read the bill?

John Hosty-Grinnell said...

Yes, I've read it:

Look, I'll be honest with you, I'm not sure how much more of this prattle I'm willing to entertain. You clearly don't know me from a hole in the wall and are having an ongoing tantrum over my criticism of a single article Mary Ann Bragg wrote. Is this what they refer to as a breakdown? Get over it already!

You have claimed first that not all activists are gay, baiting people's perceptions of you. Then you said you are one of the survivors of Stonewall, which clearly you are not. You are working from a legitimacy deficit right from the get go, but you want people to value your credibility over mine. You don't even have the courage to stand up and take ownership of your words, you have to take potshots from the cloak of anonymity.

Yes, I think unless you have something intelligent to say your time here in my spotlight is over.

William said...

How do I confess my homophobia. I want to get on my knees and beg forgiveness for my self-loathing. We are losing the culture war because of our hate. I must now admit my desire for cock. My desire to suck it.

William said...

I was told that unless I confess my homophobia and self-loathing publically and expose other Christian bloggers who are homosexual to you, a film which was made a few years ago would be made public. I have reams of information which will devastate the conservative movement in Massachusetts.

And so, I admit my self-loathing and desire for cock. I repudiate my hateful comments made against you. I have been a hypocrite. My hatred is a sin. As is my hypocrisy. I have condemned you as I have thirsted after cock. Our movement ic collapsing because we are hypocritical.

SisterTemptation said...

Your Church is collapsing William. This has all been prophesied by New Age prophets. We ae entering a New Age, the Age of Aquarius which will bury the Church of Rome and usher in a new world of freedom and a celebration of lust. Read this:

Self-loathing will have no place in the Age of Aquarius. Already the old myths are dying. A missing link has been found between apes and humans. And I will have news later this week which is about to be revealed to the world and which will further bury Rome.

This is the age sexual freedom. Put away your self-loathing for all time and celebrate sex.

I encourage you to name the Christian bloggers who have acquired a taste for cock. If you don't, I will. I've got one who is about to change his Blog into a gay activist site.

John Hosty-Grinnell said...

William, I don't want to make light of any genuine pain you might be in over your internal conflict, but I have to confess your statements seem contrived.

Why choose Easter Sunday to come here and post this? Why choose such vulgar language to explain yourself?

Feel free to elaborate, I'm sure I'm not the only reader that's a little lost by what you've shared.

John said...


If you are a seriously conflicted gay man, then I will apolgize for my comment.

Frankly, I don't believe you.

Let's say we were in an alternate universe where homosexuality were the norm and it is we heterosexuals who are hiding in closet. And say I am one of those closeted heterosexuals and were trying to express my discomfort.

I might confess, that when I see I see an atractive woman, I feel drawn to her. That I find her pretty; that I might like to get know her; I might want to hold her tight. But ultimately I want to know her so that I might share with her intimate secrets and hopes and dreams.

I understand that juvenile heterosexual boys might, among friends, speak crudely as if a girl were an object to be exploited for thier pleasure.

But not real men.

Your vulgar tone is insulting.

John Hosty-Grinnell said...

This is all very strange, please feel free to share more, I'm quite lost.

My personal opinion is that the Church could stand to live up to Christ's standards and example, but by no means do we need to close it down. As imperfect as it is the Church is a source of goodness and joy, even hope for millions. We just need to get it focused back on love.

SisterTemptation said...

I think he IS sincere - now. Face it folks, the Church of Rome is coming down. And with astonishing speed. It is now the Age of Aquarius. The Piscean Age is coming to an end. The old myths don't work anymore. People are now networking to bring it down. We will conquer through love and lust, through education on the dangers of homophobia and self-loathing masochism.

William said...

I don't mean to be vulgar or insulting. It's just that I was filmed after an evening of drinking giving another guy a blow job and I can no longer deny what I am because if I don't admit my homosexuality and name other Christian bloggers who have had gay sex, someone has threatened to post the film in its entirety at their blog.

I am prepared to admit my self-loathing, to repent of my homophobia and name names to avoid having this film released.

I have personal knowledge and proof of 7 Christian bloggers who have had gay sex. One in particular writes much against homosexuality and routinely sucks cock. If you think I'm a hypocrite, this guy sucks cock every weekend and writes regularly preaching that it's a sin.

It's a sin until the weekend when he he tastes cock and enjoys fucking.

John Hosty-Grinnell said...

I hate to break the news to you William, your revelation about Christian bloggers who constantly attack GLBT people is not exactly news to most people out there. I'm more interested in hearing how you are going to save yourself from a life of self loathing while salvaging the things in your life that currently bring you some security.

You can live in peace with those who oppose your choices, you simply need to remember to forgive and to respect both yourself and others. Its not easy, especially when those who don't understand you want to hurt you with their hateful words and games, but you will gain something from the effort alone even if you fail.

On another note, GLBT people are not sex addicted fiends, it sounds to me like your upbringing has left you unable to see people as individuals. Try to remember this when judging yourself as well as others. The constant references to cock make you look like you're mocking GLBT people.

Charles said...

guys didn't see an email so i'm gonna post it...i just found this campaign ad...they are making fun of scott brown i think...too funny..