Tuesday, February 01, 2011

A Letter to New Hampshire Legislators

Greetings Esteemed Legislator,

I am writing you today with the hope that you’ll agree that marriage equality should be defended and maintained in New Hampshire. From the beginning of written law the same principles have applied:

“To bring about a rule of righteousness in the land so that the strong will not harm the weak.” ~Preamble to the Code of Hammurabi circa 1750 B.C.

The Corpus Juris Civilis from Roman law is the basis of modern civil law today:

“Juris praecepta sunt haec: honeste vivere, alterum non laedere, suum cuique tribuere.”
(The following are the precepts of the law; to live honestly, not to injure another, and to give each one that which belongs to him.)

1. Marriage is a legally binding contract between two people agreed to share each other’s resources in betterment of themselves and by proxy their community, establishing a compelling state interest to support marriages whenever and wherever the state can.

2. The state interest in promoting marriage is not diminished whether said marriage has children or not, or whether it is between two people of the same sex or not.

3. Same sex marriages in no way interfere with or diminish people’s rights who are opposed to same sex marriages.

4. Reasonable proof to legitimize claims against same sex marriage has not been shown.

5. Same sex marriages do not harm children by example or function.

Some say let the people vote. But when the will of the majority is not righteous, that is when we need leadership most. If HB0437 passes it will eliminate a means for some to pursue happiness and diminish liberty itself, all without the dignity of due process. I leave you with this final thought:

“The will of the majority is in all instances to prevail, but for that will to be rightful it must be reasonable. The minorities have their equal rights, and to deny them would be oppression.” ~Thomas Jefferson in his inaugural address as President of the United States 1810

May God Himself aid your wisdom and guide your decision; thank you for your valuable time.

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