Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Brennan's Brigade

We all have things we can complain about, but sometimes it takes the innocence of youth to be able to reach our jaded hearts and bring us back to center; Brennan is such a child. I understand how scary it is to have cancer only as an adult, I have no point of reference as to how it would be as a boy only ten years old, but I can tell you it scares the Hell out of you. Even still, Brennan is found smiling in photo after photo living in the moment and inspiring people all around the world, let alone the country.

Take one moment to watch this video and forget whatever you have going on in your life, then when you are done watching see if you still have the same perspective. Thank you God for the little ones and the love they bring us; this is the single thing that makes life itself worth all the trouble it can be.

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R.B. said...

god Bless Brennan. I'm praying for him.