Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Action Alert: Calling For Equality in New York

Brian Brown of National Organization for Marriage has sent out an email alert to his minions asking them to call specific legislators, even giving them the phone numbers for ease of reference. We who support marriage equality should be rallying to do the same, so let me share those numbers here and ask anyone reading this to send this information to all on their contact list:

Stephen Saland (845) 463-0840
Roy McDonald (518) 274-4616
Andrew Lanza (718) 984-4073
Greg Ball (845) 279-3773
Kemp Hannon (516) 739-1700
Charles Fuschillo (516) 882-0630
Betty Little (518) 743-0968
Dean Skelos (518) 455-3171

We can and have made a difference in the past, we only need to do our individual part. Thank you!

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