Wednesday, April 25, 2012

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor...

We have recently started to accept advertising here on LLL, and I would like to acknowledge as being the first to extend their partnership to us. When you click on the provided link you will be taken to a website that discusses the importance of nutrition in health pertaining to how our brain functions, and how as we age we may not feel as sharp as we used to. You are given the option of leaving your name and email so that a full report of the latest issues can be sent to you daily by Dr. Victor Marchione and his team. All 12 brain boosting foods are listed for interested parties to more fully inform themselves about.

When I was battling cancer (pheochromocytoma) I got a crash course in what foods were anti-oxidants and I believe my choosing to use this information to my advantage is one of the primary reasons I survived my situation. Feel free to take a look at this site and leave feedback as to what you think. Again, the website is

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