Monday, January 22, 2007

MORE Proof of Ben LaGuer's Innocence

I was originally going to post the paper in full, directly as it was written, but there is some type of error in tranfering text to pictures I have yet to resolve. That being said, feast your eyes on this:

Report of Psychiatrist
sexually dangerous person examination

"Dear Sir:

Please be advised that I visited the above named at MCI Walpole on May 22, 1984. He is a 21 year old, single, black male convicted in a jury trial on 17 February 1984 in the Worcester Sperior Court. The specific convictions involved aggravated rape, attempted murder, breaking and entering in the nighttime and house invasion and he was actually given a life sentence with two 15 to 20 year terms concurrent. He never had a prior conviction of any kind...."

- The doctor goes into Ben's childhood background
- his honorable discharge from the Army
- his lack of drug or achohol history
- his stammer
- his good job at the time of his arrest
- the details of the rape
- his cooperation with the police
- notices he is not dark complected as the victim stated of her attacker
- the victim had a history of mental illness and poor eye sight

Here is the conclusion:

"In talking with him at some length and in reading the report and trying to compare the action with his own history as I understand it at least, it does not appear to me that he is a sexually dangerous person. I know that the attack, even as he described it, must have been a very brutal one, but it seems totally out of character that this man would have done it. I cannot , of course, dispute the court and I have no way of looking at the court testimony or any Grand Jury testimony or anything of that kind. Nevertheless in view of all this, it is my belief at least that he is not a sexually dangerous person and I recommend no further action on that question at this time."

Sincerely yours,

Daniel M. Weiss, M.D.


Across the top of the report it says in bold letters: "NOT SEXUALLY DANGEROUS"

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