Monday, March 12, 2007


One of the major advantages of the hateful rantings of an Ann Coulter is that they make quite clear the actual hatred behind the facade of "reasonableness" used by the anti-Gay forces in both religious and political circles. As with dialoguing with professing Christian homophobes, when their arguments are refuted one by one; when they are bereft of logical reasons why, for example, there should be no hate crimes statutes regarding LGBT people, their sanctimonious rhetoric, their seeningly kindly dispositions, rather quickly turn to hate, as manifested by ad hominem arguments and naked bigotry that has always underlied the desire to deprive others of civil and sacramental rights. Appeal to one's own moral perfection is not only bogus, but is a sure sign that that person has no clue concerning his/her true nature; is a sure indication that he/she doesn't care one whit what Jesus says regarding loving and not judging others.

When Christianity can become so perverted that it becomes synonymous with hateful judgmentalism, where so many LGBT people and others are literally revolted by hearing that term, we come to see the true destruction that the professing Christian haters have wrought on Christianity and what it's supposed to stand for in the public square. Unfortunately, in secular society, the major advocates for LGBT rights are not the Christians who are supposed to stand up for the rights and dignity of all of God's children, but those who are either antagonistic or indifferent to Christianity. This phenomenon is a tragedy and an indictment against those who profess to be Christians all the while they condemn others in the name of love, in the name of the Bible, and in the name of God! The homophobic professing Christians, like the white professing Christian slave owners and segregationists in the past, have done irreparable harm to Christianity as they have done to secular society, and they are either too dense or too indifferent to care, strongly suggesting that they may not even be Christians at all! Remember, Jesus says that we will know Christians by the love they show others!

In any case, fortunately, it looks like there will be federal hate crime legislation in the foreseeable future, as seen in this article.


John said...

"When Christianity can become so perverted that it becomes synonymous with hateful judgmentalism, where so many LGBT people and others are literally revolted by hearing that term.."

That is a powerful statement, Jerry.

When good decent people recoil in horror at the mention of Jesus' name you know it has gone horribly wrong.

John Hosty said...

I understand and agree with you John. The vitriol I am having to withstand in order to simply try and have a discussion with Catholics head to head is unbelievable.

Jerry, thanks for the post. I agree that in order to be a Christian you have to be Christ like in His love. If you are not spreading joy, peace and love, you are not doing His will, and you are not Christian.

My question is how do we reach these sinners and help them to see the light before it is too late for them, and the damage they do is too great?

John said...

My own feeling is that, when dealing with haters, you can talk 'til you're blue in the face and you won't change a single mind.

Obviously, if you are talking to one who is just ignorant then giving the facts will help.

But the people you are dealing with are not ignorant, they are haters.

So what to do?

Do what Jesus did.

Be kind, be gentle. Lives our lives in a manner worthy of emulation.