Sunday, January 20, 2008

UVM Hosts Heated Same Sex Marriage Forum

Burlington, Vermont - January 19, 2008

The issue of same-sex marriage is reemerging as a hot button issue this year. A state legislative commission is expected to present its findings and recommendations on the issue to the legislature later this spring. Saturday, a group that opposes same sex unions, held an open forum at the University of Vermont.

More than a hundred people filled the seats of a UVM ballroom for a lively and very heated forum about the legality of same sex marriage.

Within an an hour, many of those seats were empty. Some had turned their backs on the panelists, and others were expressing outrage.

The panelists displayed graphs and studies that support traditional marriage between a man and a woman. They say science proves that children raised by a mother and father do better in school and end up leading a happier life than children who are not. "We get our strongest children, when they grow up in intact married families. The data is now overwhelming," said Dr. Patrick Fagan with the Family Research Council.

"There are some studies that conclude that there are no differences in the outcomes of children raised by same sex couples as opposed to married mother, father couples. Those studies are subject to serious challenge in terms of their methodology," said Monte Stewart with the Marriage Law Foundation.

But much of the crowd was not convinced. "The presentation was completely one sided. The research presented was clearly flawed and skewed to make a point," said Beth Freeman, a Vermont Law School Student.

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It is the same old attack against GLBT people. We are bad for children, and since children are needed for marriage, GLBT people destroy marriage too. The only problem here is that Vermont citizens have lived with a higher level of equality than most other states since the year 2000, so they know the truth. I encourage people to write to the newspapers in Vermont and congratulate our allies on their quest for equality.

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