Monday, September 19, 2011

Protesting Exodus "International" in New Hampshire 09.17.2011

September 17, 2011 brought us a crisp but sunny morning, and those of us who live in New Hampshire came dressed to greet the cold temperatures. We also came prepared with a message for Exodus "International"; hate won't be sold to us.

Protesters started gathering prior to 8:00 AM even though the conference wasn't starting until 9:00 AM. As I pulled up to our location I started to smile realizing that our numbers already were healthy, and this protest has succeeded. Each person came with a hand made sign that lovingly invited Exodus conference members to remember that God loves them just the way He made them.

We later gathered at the corner of the half empty parking lot and listened to some speakers give their testimony while Exodus members peered at us from a distance. Two representatives came over and made clear that we were welcome to come in and join them, to which we declined. Here are some of the testimonials heard:

Judging by the head count we did as people rode in there could not have been more than forty or so participants, church regulars included, at this "North Atlantic Regional Conference". Wayne Besen explains why:

We also had a little run in with a church volunteer that stopped to tell us that we were on private property, which we knew to be untrue, and was later confirmed by the police captain who stopped by to let us know everything was OK. Here's a video of the exchange with that volunteer, who would not give his name:

Many thanks to all those who came out, pun intended. Peace and love to one and all!


SisterTemptation said...


I just left this comment at a Catholic blog from New Hampshire about La Salette:

You are just upset because your church is losing. It is imploding from within and assailed from without from many directions. You are feeling the panic now as gays and lesbians are over-cuming your church. We will do what whole armies couldn't do. We will defeat the church of rome. And we will do it with love. We will not need to resort to violence. We will over-cum you with the power of pure lust.

Continue to deny it but resistance is futile. The world is ready to embrace a new future.

FCKH8! lol.......FCKH8!

I only mention this because comments from gays and lesbians were deleted there in the past. I think the Christians who post there are getting pretty desperate.

Some of the comments left are links to Carmen Carerra photos, showing him mostly nude. Could it be that Carmen is getting to that blog author. Maybe that's why he left the links up, he finds them to be a turn on.

Here in Worcester we are making great inroads into the Church. They are getting nervous now I

Church succumbing....Fuck Yeah!

SisterTemptation said...

John, I left another comment at La Salette blog. I challenged the blog author to debate you. Let's see if he has the courage to do so. Or if he's just another hypocrite who secretly knows he has lost already.

The collapse is being documented. The Church is succumbing to the realities of a New Age. Deep-down you Catholics know that. And you are desperately trying to conceal this fact.

To this blog's author: I challenge you to debate with John Hosty over at Live Love Learn. What are you afraid of? That he will defeat your arguments with his superior logic?

I know your in crisis. Admit that your ideas are archaic and that you secretly want the Church to be queered. You know that every day gays and lesbians win another victory in court and in the court of public opinion. That's because their ideas are superior to yours.

My prescription for your happiness? Admit that you have a hiden desire to join our side. If you were put in a room with Carmen Carerra to convert him, I think you are the one who would be converted. I think you would quickly succumb to a good gay blow job!

6:44 PM

SisterTemptation said...


SisterTemptation said...


LOL....We will take them all down....FCKH8......FCKH8

New World Order

John Hosty-Grinnell said...

I do not believe we have to "take down" the Church. There is need for change, but change is a part of life and essential to becoming better.

There are a lot of good people who derive great spiritual inspiration from the Church, and I have nothing but respect for them and their faith.

Not all people in the Church are decent though, and those people who would drum on day after day about how GLBT people are the new untermenschen should ask themselves why they've chosen to concentrate on their hate rather than God's love.

I won't waste my time going to visit websites you bring here, but I won't silence your voice either. You are free to post what you will; let the readers take what they will from it.

Pax Christi