Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tufts University Medical School Representative Proclaims Chaz Bono a Dangerous Example to Children

Taken from the Tufts Daily:

...Keith Ablow, an assistant clinical professor at the Tufts School of Medicine, wrote for Fox News stating that children should not be allowed to watch a television show that cast a transgender individual.
Ablow published a Sept. 2 editorial in's "Opinion" section titled "Don't Let Your Kids Watch Chaz Bono On ‘Dancing With the Stars,'" in which he states that parents should not let their children watch the ABC show "Dancing With the Stars," which premiered last night, because Chaz Bono, the transgendered son of Cher and Sonny Bono, appeared on the program.
Ablow's editorial warns that children — particularly those in the stages of puberty of who are questioning their sexualities — might be encouraged by Bono's appearance on "Stars" to change their own gender through gender reassignment surgery.
"It is a toxic and unnecessary byproduct of the tragic celebration of transgender surgery that millions of young people who do watch ‘Dancing with the Stars' will have to ponder this question: Maybe my problems really stem from the fact that I'm a girl inside a boy's body (or a boy inside a girl's body)," Ablow said.

To clarify, this professor of Medicine and representative of the Tufts School of Medicine went on national television and used his position to qualify his opinions that Transgender people like Chaz Bono and a danger to the public, not because of their law abiding actions, but simply by example, and that we should shield children from being exposed to that example rather than educate them properly in diversity.

This is the same argument made against GLBT rights across the country. It is not our actions, which are lawful, but simply our example people fear will harm children. What happened to free will? What happened to freedom of self expression? Has all of America invested so deeply into the fear industry that they can't even question the fears presented them anymore, like our Constitution and justice system demands?

Here is another fine example of why I fight for the full equality of all freedoms of expression and equal rights for all citizens.

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