Saturday, December 23, 2006

Ben LaGuer OPEN THREAD at Blue Mass Group

Hi folks. I just posted this OPEN THREAD over at Blue Mass Group. Anyone (with any perspective!) can head over there to join the discussion. If you don't have a BMG account, you might consider opening one. It's easy. I'll also monitor the comments box here at Live, Love & Learn.
As many of you know Ben LaGuer's case is going to oral arguments in the SJC on January 4. For 23 years he has been claiming his innocence of a vicious rape. I have been posting to BMG about the case since last June. The case and the current round of appeals raise many many issues which I plan to get into during the next two weeks. I've also opened accounts on MyDD and Daily Kos. I'll explain in another post why I think it is important that the NetRoots be informed about what's going on.

I'll post another open thread on the topic next week as a lot of people are away from their computers right now. But I'll be checking in pretty regularly over the Christmas weekend so I want to invite anyone who has any questions, comments or perspectives on the case whatsoever to post them. I'll do my best to answer every post whether it has to do with the facts of the case, legal issues it raises, or how the current process has unfolded. The last part has obviously been affected by the politicization of the case during the governor's race. If you are not familiar with the case, visit the Web site I maintain at In the meantime, please use the OPEN THREAD to join the discussion.

This in an important issue. So thanks for sounding off!

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