Sunday, December 17, 2006

Pictures From Worcester Anti-Gay Rally

I just have one question. Can there be an exceptable excuse for putting your hands on a woman and throwing her to the ground? It makes me wonder what type of a person Larry Cirignano really is. Shame on you sir, and shame on anyone that would try to defend your actions. Clearly there are bigger problems you should be dealing with than gay marriage; like anger management.

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Anonymous said...

I spoke with Cirignano after the rally and asked him his side of what happened, “That lady came up to the podium and I escorted her back into the audience.” Given what had transpired, I followed-up to make sure I heard correctly, “Escorted?”, “Yes, escorted”, he replied. Asked if he felt he assaulted her he shot back without hesitation, “Hell, no!” adding,“She’s an actress, she’s a professional actress.”

Thre are more photos here....