Sunday, December 24, 2006

John and Ray's Big Gay Christmas Photos

The first picture here is of Raymond and I at my Uncle's house in New Hampshire. The next photos have me with my mother, my uncle Paul (big guy huh?!), and my youngest first cousins Cole and Haley. Ray is opening a present Cole gave him, adults are trying to hide in the kitchen from the children, and my mother ("Aunty Ann") plays with the kids and opens one of her gifts. We saw some great decorations outside in my old neighborhood, so we stopped to take photos to share with you. Lastly, Ray and I are at home wishing all a very happy holiday season!


Jerry Maneker said...

John and Ray: Beautiful pictures, and a beautiful family! Have a blessed Christmas! Love, Jerry.

John said...

Nice pictures, John.

I love those kids; adorable.

John Hosty said...

Ray and I are very fortunate to have a warm welcoming family. We had a great time. It is a magical time of the year for adult and child alike. I saw so many warm smiles in the grocery store the other day that I wondered if I was dreaming....or in the wrong state. lol!