Friday, June 29, 2007

A Loving Post on From Our "Christian" Friends

May God damn all you faggots, kikes and dykes who have made a mockery of our Constitution's Free Speech laws, for the insult and mocking of marriage that was NEVER meant to include you possesed by demons irrational, unintellegent evil people, for twisting Gods words and calling those who HE made to abhore your homosexuality bigots and haters, for the arrest of Diane Steele who should sue Jack Kirsenbaun from here to hell for emotionially and pyschologically abusing her, for thinking you have the right to touch any child and sleep with animals and walk downa public street with your private parts not covered. NO STARIGHT PEOPLE WANT TO SEE THAT YOU RETARDS. I pray God strikes Tom Lang, Mizz Eagan Kirsenbaun, and the rest of you down dead. All of you are psychotic and the lunitics were never meant to run the asylum. You should be locked back in the closet in the form of a mental institution and have your brains fryed with shcok treatement till you forget all your perversions. I hope straight waiters and waitresses start spitting in your food. I hope people run over your feet in grocery stores on purpose(faking it was by accident of of course, lmao)and smirk as they walk away. That is what you get for your bullshit OverHauling of Straight America and all the other damage you losers have done to the US. I hope God gives all you dykes breast cancer and all you faggots prostate cancer for trying to brainwash innocent children that your filthy lifestyles are normal in a place that should be safe called school. I know He is going to damn you to hell, and that is what lets me sleep at night.

Posted by: I Hate Gay People | June 29, 2007 at 03:19 PM

I checked the IP address of this post, and to my surpise, this is out of Marlborough Massachusetts, and not Fred Phelps' part of the world. Let this post serve as an example to those of you who don't think the hate that GLBT community faces is real, or serious. Let us stand united in the desire to end hate like this by reaching out and learning to love one another. It is only through love that we learn who we are meant to be, and it is by love that our individual differences become our strengths. we are better than this, but we have to put effort into the system if we expect change. Be the change you wish to see in the world, and then you can expect the world you deserve.


John said...

That beats Lula's record for the longest run-on sentence of the day.

John Hosty said...

This guy is a real peach, but at least he says what he thinks rather than lying about it.

Doodle Bean said...

Yeah, the fact that he's not lying makes it aaaaalllll o.k.!

John Hosty said...

Lol, its not ok, but at least he speaks his mind. I'd rather have an honest enemy than a dishonest friend. Most people simply lie about how hateful they feel, and their hate comes out in other ways, like thinking they have a right to vote someone else's rights away.