Friday, June 01, 2007

MassResistance Frothing at Mouth Again

Instead of giving readers a full dose of Brian Camenker's verbal venom, let's cut the fat off his most recent rant and comment as we go:

" of the students asked the professor if he was familiar with the information suggesting Schubert was gay. The professor responded pointedly: "Would that change the way you play the trills?" In other words, shut up already!"

The professor could have easily meant that the students shouldn't focus on things other than the lesson at hand, or that music made by the GLBT people is no less sweet. Notice the anger in the words?

"...we say SHUT UP, ALREADY to Mr. Tom Lang (founder of, intimidator who published the signers' names for the VoteOnMarriage petition) who introduced similar questions at the State House on Tuesday..." has been accused of being intimidating since day one, yet like gay marriage, none of the fears accused are factual. In fact, it has been used as a tool to ensure people's names were not stolen in the petition signature stealing debacle that is now before Attorney General Martha Coakley in the form of a criminal investigation. People who signed this petition deliberately did so knowing that their names and addresses were going on a public document for all to see. One of the reasons this is done is to ensure their is no fraud. Lang knew what unethical tactics were going to be used, and put public attention on this issue, and did such a good job that he was asked to help in the investigation by collecting complaints.

Now that we have a little honesty shed on that matter, let's take a look at what real intimidation looks like:

"The number is 978-xxx-xxxx, but please DO BE POLITE so I don't get in trouble."
"The address of their antique shop...don't do anything stupid, just stop by and tell them you don't appreciate what they are doing!"
Posted by Tyler Dawbin October 05, 2005 at 11:35 PM on the blog. Tyler is a member of Massresistance. I guess its not intimidation when Camenker's group does the same exact thing, and it's somehow not hypocritical.

This group shares close ties with, who posted these "Wanted: Dead or Alive" style posters last December:

The article continues:

"Enough of such "gay" historical revisionism..."

In case anyone is wondering, "revision" is the term they use when the GLBT community stands up and takes credit for work done by the GLBT community. Apparently people at MassResistance think that people of great historic importance could not have been gay, and if they were, they don't want to know. It somehow defiles their memory. In their own words:

"If the artist's rumored "sexual orientation" were brought up in a junior or high school classroom, then kids would immediately STOP thinking about his art and START thinking about anal intercourse.

Spoken like the suspected closet homosexuals that many people think the members of MassResistance are. Here's one quote, again from Tyler Dawbin on KTN that all but proves this thought:

"The truth is, most of us DON'T choose our first sexual encounter. Sadly, it comes as a result of being pressured into a situation. I know, because I've been on both sides of that coin.
I'll admit - some of my early sexual experiences were with older boys. I didn't want that, and for years I didn't know if that's the way I was "made". But I know for sure now that I only thought those things because I was confused and deeply troubled."

Not enough proof? Here is more from the article we are dissecting:

"While many fine people turned out on Tuesday to support our side, few came to oppose. But Mr. Lang was there with his petite, blond-bombshell "husband" (Alex).

Blond bombshell?! Oh, my! That says VOLUMES!

If you feel like reading the rant in full, read here.

I leave you with a smile on how ridiculous this all is. The Daily show put Brian Camenker in his best light in this video last year:

Brian on The Daily Show


John said...

"If the artist's rumored "sexual orientation" were brought up in a junior or high school classroom, then kids would immediately STOP thinking about his art and START thinking about anal intercourse.

WOW, that may well be the most unhinged comment I've read. EVER.

I realize that Massresistance's rant doesn't really derserve serious commentary; it should just be enjoyed for its sheer lunacy.

But I am a fan of fine art, so I can't let it pass.

No serious student of art, when presented with evidence that Michaelangelo may have been gay would start thinking about anal intercourse. Rather a serious student of art would wonder whether it mattered or not, and might well then contemplate whether Michaelangelo's art was in any way informed by his life experiences. Good art often operates on several levels simultaneously. One can enjoy and artist's work for its own sake, but that same art can take on a much greater meaning if one learns and then considers the artist's personal experiences and worldview.

Indeed, I will go so far as to say that those who try to separate the artist's work from the artist are seriously diminishing the wonder and message that artist is attempting to convey.

John Hosty said...

Did you get a chance to see the video of Brian? No one does a better job of discrediting him than himself.

bostonph said...

The thing I don't understand is how so called libertarians (e.g. EaBoClipper and MCRD/wavemaker) can be all up in arms about seat belt violating their rights, but still vehemently support MassResistance's opt-in bill.

BTW, as if you needed any more proof that MassResistance is a box of wingnuts, John Howard appears to be a member. Amy has even written an article supporting his whacked-out BS:

So has EaBo Clipper, but that's another rant...