Friday, August 10, 2007

Deval Patrick Committee Reports Excess Funds

BOSTON – The Deval Patrick Committee today released the enclosed letter to the Massachusetts Office of Campaign and Political Finance. As part of its ongoing compliance efforts, the Committee discovered a limited number of reporting errors. The Committee has substantially completed its review and is making its findings public.

Deval Patrick Committee
56 Roland Street, Suite 203
Boston, MA 02129

August 10, 2007

Michael Sullivan
Director of Political and Campaign Finance
Office of Campaign and Political Finance
John W. McCormack Building
One Ashburton Place, Room 411
Boston, MA 02108

Dear Mr. Sullivan,

In our ongoing efforts to comply with state campaign and political finance regulations, we have completed a preliminary review of our 2006 contributions in advance of the mandated OCPF audit. In our 2006 records, we found $51,941 in excess funds from 169 individuals.

Our findings revealed many of the common causes for excess contributions: duplicate records, variations in contributor name, address changes, book keeping error and un-cashed refund checks. We will be amending our reports and returning (or re-returning) any excess funds through the customary reporting structure, but I wanted to notify you directly and make our review public.

As you know, the Committee raised approximately $7.9 million in 2006 from over 30,000 contributors—a record in the Commonwealth’s history. Over half of the 2006 contributions were $100 and below. This level of broad based, low dollar support necessitated over 35,000 reported transactions.

In accordance with regulation, we refunded excess contributions throughout the campaign. It is a priority of this office to continue to maintain open, transparent, and accurate compliance. Given the shear number of contributions received by the Committee, I trust that this notification is valuable in your current review.

We look forward to continuing to work with your office in your review of our 2006 records.


Liz Morningstar
Executive Director

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