Sunday, August 26, 2007 Now In Oregon

When you sign a public document, like a petition, your information is public. The purpose of is to get people to start talking about the devisive issues that keep people from understanding why equality for everyone is so important. GLBT people should be allowed to marry who they love regardless of their sex. By posting the names of the people who sign a petition to end this right, it allows for dialog between the opposing sides. All too often people would like to keep their bigotry secret, but when you sign a public document it opens the door for public scrutiny. Those who wish to cast stones from the safety of anonymity may want to rethink their actions.

As for those who try to claim that this is intimidation, you would have to cite an instance where people were harassed. Much like the fears that the opponents of equality try to fuel, there is no substance to this claim. In fact, it was the opponents who clearly went over the line and tried to intimidate others. VoteOnMarriage used wanted dead or alive style posters to try to scare legislators into voting their way during their failed attempt to force their religious beliefs into the Massachusetts state Constitution.

In the two years that the original website has been running, it has given people on both sides a place to discuss their feelings, and has served as a useful tool in uncovering petition signature fraud. Thank you Tom Lang and Aaron Toleos for all that you have done already, and thank you even more for keeping up the good fight!

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