Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Homophobe Gone Racist Losing Mind?

When reading Tyler Dawbin's latest rant on his website I can't help but think, "You poor bastard, you really are insane, aren't you?" One of the many light sockets Tyler likes to stick his privates into is the abortion issue. Tyler tells us how Planned Parenthood has a gay evil agenda, and then somehow ends with Muslins taking over the country. Think I'm kidding? Here is an excerpt and a link to the full article. I am saving the whole thing in case he comes to his senses and erases the post.

"I do apologize for writing a seemingly all-encompassing rant on abortion, starting with fathers as victims and ending with declining birth rates, but there are many facets to this tragedy that I haven't even touched on.

What is the birth rate among Muslims in Europe and America?"


Ryan Charisma said...

I try not to go there to often because (as you so elequently put it) Tyler Dawbin (homophobe racist)has lost his mind.

I can't belive abortion is still an issue in today's day and age.

He makes me want to go out an have a recreational abortion.

And I'm a man!

John Hosty said...

The thing about his post that scares me is how he suddenly turns his hatred toward Muslims. All Muslims are involved in a conspiracy to out-populate Christians in Europe and America? His words are those of a true bigot completely intolerant of the differences of others. So much for a melting pot society in his mind.