Thursday, September 13, 2007

BlogWatch September 13, 2007

On the very excellent blog MassResistanceWatch we find our friend Boston Bud reporting Amy Contrada is up to her usual spin, now trying to turn the Laramie Project into an anti-Christian hate-fest message. Have fun with that Amy, I am sure you will win the world over with your keenly accurate depictions of the facts.

Brian Rainey makes an excellent contribution to with his article "What About the Children?" Here's an excerpt:

I, for one, am amused by a hypocritical society that shrieks and howls in the name of "protecting our children" when it comes to sexual abuse, but nonetheless allows millions of its children to live in poverty, to go to substandard schools, or to not have health insurance. So when someone blubbers, "What about the children?" I say, "What about the children?"

On we find a great article exposing the radical right's attempt to deny a spouse her pension benefits. Exactly how does this action help our society? beats me, but read the article and see for yourself how their actions backfire.

Since their are so many blogs out there, and there is so little time to read them all I have been toying with the idea of creating a weekly summary of the ones I keep my eye on. Your input as to what we should read is welcome and may be used in the next edition. Until then, be happy and gay! ;)


John said...

That is a great idea; I can help here because I read a lot of blog that are only tangentially about gay rights.

I read blogs that are at their core, about individual freedom and the great American experiment of liberty and justice for all.

I learned real quickly that liberty and justice for is an empty slogan unless it really means "FOR ALL".

Ryan Adams said...

Lynne, Mike and I sort of do that on our weekly podcast/blog LeftAhead - we have our "Blogs of the Week" where each one of us picks the favorite blog we read over the week. But it's a great idea and a post that I bet would get some decent traffic.

John Hosty said...

Thanks for the input Ryan. As you can see from my list of links, you're blog will be one of those talked about.