Monday, September 17, 2007

GLBT Travel Advisory for Provincetown Massachusetts

In July radio celebrity Barry Scott, DJ for oldies 103.3 FM in Boston was assaulted by police while at the 40th birthday party of a friend. Police claim that there were several noise complaints, one of which seems to have been made by Yvonne Cabral, owner of P-Town Trolley, and signer of the failed Anti-Gay Marriage Petition promoted by Ms. Cabral is also someone who made international news for her complaint against a gay man who dared call her a bigot in public.

Although Mr. Scott is 5’4” and weighs 130lbs, police claim he resisted arrest and they needed to use force to restrain him, resulting in facial injuries and excessive bleeding. Witnesses have a very different story for those who will listen. For the full story, please visit

The second attack on a GLBT community member occurred September 10, when the victim walked past three men in front of Spiritus Pizza on Commercial street. One of the men called the victim a “faggot” and he in kind said something derogatory back as he was walking away. The victim was hit without warning so powerfully that he was knocked unconscious, and then was dragged onto the beach where he was found beaten and bloodied hours later by police. For unknown reasons police responding did not call for emergency care, and sent this man on his way in such a disoriented state that he does not recall the conversation he had with them. When emergency room specialists saw the victim’s condition hours later they immediately put him in a wheelchair, neck brace, and called for scans of his internals.

The victim spoke to the police since, and has been told by police that they will not be investigating the issue since he cannot identify his attackers. For the full story and pictures of the victim both before and after this attack, please visit

Rather than respond appropriately to these crimes the town authorities seem to have decided to try to sweep these issues under the rug. Mr. Scott seemingly with trumped up charges of disturbing the peace, and now with this new crime by telling the victim there is nothing they can do. It is clear to many that these officials are not taking these situations seriously, and this puts everyone’s safety at risk that vacations in Provincetown. If you decide to go and spend your money there (which you are encouraged not to do until this is resolved to everyone’s satisfaction), please make sure you are not alone, and that you are mindful of your surroundings at all times. These criminals are still on the loose, and may be emboldened by the lack of police response. We will keep you updated as new information becomes available.


Jeff said...

I have to wonder if there is grounds to sue the police department for failing to get the man to proper medical care. I would think that such an action would be a firing offense. Police are around to help protect people and aid them, are they not? And trained enough for medical emergencies to know when someone is hurt enough that they should be hospitalized?

Boston Bud said...

Well, apparently there were things left out of the article in BayWindows. The Provicetown Banner is reporting that the police called EMT's to attend to the victim. The police or EMT's, I forget which, recommended that the victim go the hospital, there was an ambulance however the victim refused to go. Now he is saying that the police should have made him go. I know from my training that an injured person can refuse treatment and there is nothing you can do about it, it is his/her right.

John Hosty said...

I understand that people can refuse medical treatment, but that is only if they are sound enough to make that decision for themselves. I do not believe from the reactions Mr. Hall got when going ot the emergency room in his own home town that this was the case. He suffered a brain trama that could have easily resulted in his death, like so many people out there that go to sleep after getting a concussion. Police and emergency care should have pciked up on his lack of clarity and responded in kind. It is their responsibility to ensure the safety of the public, and they did not do so here. Mr. Hall has a memory lapse that spans over twelve hours. That speaks volumes about how injured has was, let alone the pictures we have all seen.

Also, the police say that since he has little recolection of what transpired, there is little they can do. There are web cams throughout Provincetown, there are witnesses to interview in Spiritus Pizza, and even the people who reported finding Mr. Hall are a mystery to them. Dead people don't talk, yet we agressively investigate their cases, right? It's called forensics. Given my knowledge of the situation, the Provincetown Police seem to be making excuses not to act rather than acting swiftly as they should.