Saturday, October 06, 2007

Family Values in Action

A woman in Utah has a serious problem. She has four children for whom she cannot adequately care. She is in serious trouble with the law, due to her drug addiction.

Fortunately, she has an uncle who is a rock solid citizen.. He runs a stable, loving home with two children of his own; he knows and loves his niece's children and they adore him.

So she asked her uncle for help and he was more than happy to take her children under his wing, and care for them as his own. After all, he not only is a loving father of two, he has a steady job, no criminal record, and has been a positive influence in the lives of these beautiful children since they were born.

This should be a happy ending; a success story of family values in action. A story about families sticking together and picking each other up. A classic tale of love conquers all.

Why isn't it?

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