Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Little Larry Cirignano Visits Court

This blurp is shamelessly stolen from the my friend and his very excellent blog massmarrier:

I don't believe locking eyes with jurors is going to cut it, not for the middle-aged guy charged with tossing a young woman to the ground and saying his rights are worth more than hers. Yet today in Worcester District Court, he tried and that was just one peek into Larry Cirignano.

Unfortunately, neither the prosecutor nor the judge called the defense attorney on his conflation. Cirignano was executive director of CatholicVote, a private political advocacy group centered on reversing marriage equality in Massachusetts. His lawyer referred several times to his client doing the work of the Catholic Church. Of course, legally, the church cannot involve itself in such "work." In addition, while local Archbishop and Cardinal Sean O'Malley poses with Cirignano for pictures, the latter is not an employee of the archdiocese or any church arm. He may be up to dirty tricks that Pope Benedict approves of, but he's on his own as far as the church must be concerned.

For the rest on this story (you won't want to miss the details) head over to MassMarrier.

My health has denied me the opportunity to be there in person, so I want to give a big thank you to those of you who are taking time to make sure this trial gets the coverage it deserves. Were it not for a handful of dedicated people, this issue may have gotten swept under the rug like so many others.

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