Wednesday, October 31, 2007 Has The Scoop: Claudia Contrada is One Brave Lesbian

Head over to where Mark Snyder has the exclusive interview in which Claudia Contrada, daughter of Amy Contrada from has officially come out as a lesbian. Here is a teaser, and the link:

This week Contrada's daughter Claudia is starring in the Acton High School Production of the Laramie Project despite the fact that her mother helped to organize a forum against it, and no doubt opened the door for the similarly anti-gay Fred Phelps crew to plan their own protest of the event.

In a most brilliant display of resilience Claudia is standing up as an inspiring role model for anyone, especially young people, struggling with homophobia in their homes or communities. In addition to her acting, some of the things Claudia speaks out about include animal rights, AIDS, and war.

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John said...

Three cheers to this brave young woman.

Jane Know said...

wow. this seems to happen a lot. (children of very public anti-gay people being gay).

John said...

God's sense of humor, or proof of a genetic link?