Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's Official: Vermont's Governor will Veto Marriage Equality Bill

Governor Jim Douglas says he'll veto the same-sex marriage bill:


jaysays said...

I presumed he would based on preliminary reports. That doesn't mean that I'm not disappointed upon hearing confirmation of it though. What a shame.

John said...

Goddamn activist governors overrulling the will of the people.

Veto-proof majority? Come on, Vermont House, you can do it.

Kim Schultz said...

Let's all just take a vote on heterosexuals right to marry? I'm getting a little tired of the heterosexuals voting whether or not we should have rights and what rights we should have. Too bad we just can't vote on their rights to marry.

jelly said...

What a dirty, low-down shame.
Why? Why can't folks have the same marriage rights as everyone else? What is the freakin' problem?
What are people so scared of?
The fear and hatred is sometimes too much to bare, it drives me insane.

We can't give up fighting for equal rights...we deserve the same fair treatment as every other person...we are all the same underneath it all.

In NJ we have civil unions, and I hope, hope, hope I see the day when I can say "married" for real!!
Even though in our hearts we are married, screw the government and right wing Christian conservatives!!!

Let's vote if they can all stay married.

Grrrrrrrrr...sorry John. I will stop now.


John said...

What are they scared of?

Easy. If gays are allowed to marry, then everyone will turn gay, and they'll be NO MORE BABIES !!

jelly said...

lmao! gosh-forbid!!!