Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Making Marriage Equality a Campaign Issue

You really know we have turned the corner when politicians start campaigning on the promise of equality.

Up to now, almost every prominent politician who has taken a stand for equality had nothing to lose. Things are different now.

Gov. Corzine has made "marriage equality" for gays and lesbians a prominent piece of his reelection campaign, taking another step in his conversion on the issue and encouraging gay-rights advocates who hope to see same-sex marriage approved in New Jersey this year.In public speeches and private appearances, Corzine, who as recently as 2006 said he believed marriage should be between a man and a woman, has touted his support of same-sex marriage.In raising the issue, he has tried to draw a bright-line divide with his Republican opponent, Christopher J. Christie, who has said he would veto a bill allowing gay and lesbian couples to wed."We believe that government should allow people the freedom to marry whomever they love," Corzine said in his general-election kickoff speech June 2.


jelly said...

That's progress for NJ.

He's got my vote. But, I've always liked Corzine anyway.

John said...

I have heard that New Jersey's legislature will take up the bill during the lame duck session just after the November elections.

If Corzine wins, this is a major boost.

jelly said...

Yes, it will be.

I hope this passes...I am so ready for this.