Saturday, July 29, 2006

Criminal Investigation Continues

The signature gathering for the anti-gay marriage petition has been under a criminal investigation. Although the petition was certified by the Attorney General's office and the ability to move forward in the legislature has been granted by the SJC, the criminal investigation of how those signatures were gathered still continues. That is because Arno Political Consultants were hired to "help" gather signatures, and they use real criminals to do their dirty work. They collect signatures by any means necessary, including lies. Their incentive was great, a dollar or more PER SIGNATURE. When pressed by Senator Augustine, Chairman of the Election Committee to explain how many signature gatherers Kris Mineau had that were actual citizens of the Commonwealth he reluctantly responded, "About five." This is one of the main reasons that this vote should not go forward, because the signatures were not gathered properly. We will never know if this was the will of the people of this state thanks to the duplicity of the "Moral Majority".


John said...

"We will never know if this was the will of the people of this state ..."

I would like to sumbit that initiative petition is NEVER the will of the people.

At best an itiatitive petition means only that there are enough like minded people to bring it to a vote.

That being said, what are the ramifications of the criminal investigation?

I haven't read the comlaint, but would a finding of criminal misconduct nullify the petition, or merely result in criminal sanctions against the company?

John Hosty said...

The ramifications of the criminal aspect of this petition are huge. Read the newest post and see what you think. Thanks for your comments John, they are always worth reading.

John said...

I guess I'm missing something.

Obviously if the case be proven and the company punished, I'll be happy about it, but the petition is going forward. I can't see any way that enough signatures could be invalidated to nullify the petition.

I hope that the ConCon punts again, as that really is the best way to handle it.

John Hosty said...

I think that if we can prove how much fraud the opposition to gay marriage has used it becomes disillusioning for the people who are in the middle. If we can get them to see how many times this side is willing to lie and cheat in order to win most people will listen and think about it. This may come to a vote, we should be making sure those people know the truth.

John said...

That's true, I was looking at it from a legal perpsective.

I hope the people I know are representive of the middle, because almost everyone I know couldn't care less about it.

I believe, that put to a vote the initiative will lose, but I would really rather see it squashed in the legislature.

The whole concept of initiative petition strikes me as very unrepublican.