Friday, July 07, 2006

Taking the fight out of a Hater

It seems that hard work does have its rewards. Tyler Dawbin has been making a pest of himself since the begining of, and probably a lot longer than that in other venues. He receeded from KTN several times before making it permanent, and now has decided to change his hate filled blogsite to prevent comments. I welcome the change as it weakens his voice. Everybody knows that private sites like his struggle for readership, and only those that allow comments maintain an audience. He has already made the mistake of showing other people's opinions are getting to him, and in doing so shown weakness. Now more than ever it is clear that we must fight harder and try harder, for even the oppostion's most vehement and active members have their limits. Our fight is slowly gaining ground. With every post, with every effort, there is a possibility that we will get through and change the heart of someone new... even Tyler Dawbin. We have to fight back against these false profits and educate people who are ignorant to the dangers hate spreads. My door is open to all those who would be my friend, even to Tyler, who is resistent to change his stripes. Know that your love for your partner, your indignation for being oppressed, and the voices of our friends will spread like fire until we have equality across the nation, for all people.


Tyler has taken down his website formerly called "know thy homosexual opponent" and admitted he works for Article 8 Alliance. Baby steps towards a better world? We shall see, but it is encouraging.


John said...

It doesn't feel like a victory to me.

By shutting us out, he denies his audience our voice. Does he have an audience but for a few team members? I don't know.

Mark Adams said...

I almost pissed myself laughing when I saw this. That's a picture of the Berlin Victory march right? You're too much, but then again so is Tyler. Keep up the good fight, both of you.

John Hosty said...

We have to be vigilant and fight where ever are enemies try to spread mistruths about us, or hate against us. Tyler has taken down his hate website, and this is a step in the right direction. He has too much hate for the gay community to be silent forever, it is a waiting game now to see what he will do next.

My mind is open to the idea he will change. I hope the love of Christ envelopes him, nurtures him, and heals him so that he can be the guiding light he wants to be. Expect the best, but prepare for all possibilities.

Anonymous said...

I might not agree with the way you do things John, but I AM glad that Tyler has less impact. Keep us informed please.