Sunday, July 30, 2006

Food for Thought

I would say that Kris Mineau's need to hire Arno Political Consultants to help them gather names shows two things about his organization. They knew they had neither the backing of the public to give their signatures fairly, nor the manpower to even collect signatures properly. I suspect we are talking about a very small but furiously active group of people that include Article 8, Mass Resistance, and Massachusetts Family Institute. I don't believe there is any level of duplicity that this group will not stoop to.

Consider some facts for me:

1. No one hires Arno Political Consultants without knowing about their past record of signature fraud. At the Election Committee Hearing last year Kris Mineau's group preemptively attacked Angela McElroy's character. She testified that she was taught by her boss at Arno Political Consultants how to gather fraudulent signatures by lying to people what the petition was for. I believe the attack on her character was an attempt to discredit her testimony and flies in the face of her obvious truths. She did a piece for Fox 25 News that you can watch from the main (aka KTN) site.

2. If you hire someone to help you that is known to create fraud, you obviously don't care about the fraud they are about to create on your behalf.

3. There has to be a logical reason why you would resort to fraud, and that reason would most likely be that you could not have gathered the signatures legitimately.

4. If you cannot collect the necessary signatures because you do not have the manpower, it shows you do not have much support. This is something they desperately want to keep from the public.

5. If the public perceives there is popular support for a cause it will create a "band wagon" effect, and more people will support that cause. The opposite effect is also true. If a group is too small its size hinders recruitment.

6. KTN was destined to expose the fraud being created, that is why it was important to discredit them. The opposition no doubt has read The Art of War, and make an attempt to discredit KTN before the website was even up, saying that posting people’s names was intimidation. We have learned from Carl Rove that misinformation can keep a lie afloat a long time, and is a valuable resource for the people dishonest enough to use it.

7. By sending opponent bloggers to the KTN blog dedicated to repeating the mantra of the Massachusetts Family Institute, (posting the names of people who signed the petition is intimidation) they have accidentally exposed their Achilles heel. By fraudulently posting as many different people they have drawn attention to why this dishonesty would be necessary. The law of Ockham's razor would dictate the most obvious to be true; they lack the manpower to do the job properly.

I speculate that this state is being held hostage by a small handful of people who are virulently against not only gay marriage, but the gay community in general. I believe they have deep pockets that are being filled by sources outside of Massachusetts, and the outside groups have a vested interest in stopping gay marriage here in Massachusetts before it spreads to their states and towns. Who are these people? Most likely they are religious organizations bent on making sure gay marriage does not impact their cash flow. God is big business, and this is about as ugly as the lobbying of big tobacco.

The organized opposition to gay marriage in Massachusetts is the true group that has no concern for the public, and the damage their hate has already rendered is testimony to that truth. They have proven themselves dishonest and willing to lie on top of a lie in order to keep their web of deceit woven.

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