Friday, March 07, 2008

Alec Baldwin Hits Back At Brother's Anti-gay Marriage Stance

Alec Baldwin has slammed his own brother in a letter to a leading U.S. gay magazine.

The Cooler star took offence at born-again Christian Stephen's recent public comments on same-sex marriage, and decided to let the gay community know he doesn't share his sibling's beliefs.

Stephen recently called into Howard Stern's radio show, to lend his support to former U.S. presidential wannabe Mike Huckabee's campaign - and he added a stinging condemnation of homosexual marriage.

Read the rest here. Is it me or is there something fundamentally wrong with Stephen Baldwin? He says he's found God, but he shows up all the time on the Howard Stern Radio Show, which is two doors down from the Devil himself! Thank goodness for those converted to Christianity and now remind us to fear our God and hate our neighbor. What would the world be like without these important family values? Indeed, it has been fear and hate that have made this country what it is today. It's never too late people, and it starts with one person wanting to make a difference, as idealistic as that sounds we see proof to that truth all the time. Ask yourself what you can do, and help make the world a better place.

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