Sunday, March 02, 2008

From Tragedy We Find New Hope in Our Youth

After Ellen broadcast on her show the story about little Larry King being killed many people were taken back, and there was much emotion. Very easily the elder generations could think that the act was one of a world spiraling ever more into violence, then I came across this video.

This young man is a fine example of what we need to see in our future, and I believe he is more indicative of what we can expect of his generation than the violent act which motivated his speech. I have high hopes when I see things like this, I hope you all join me in telling him what you think.


Anonymous said...

Wow... I've never thought that my words would have made this much of an impact. Thank you for the support everybody.


John said...

Blake, I was deeply moved by your speech.

There is no doubt in my mind that your generation will change the world for the better.

Jerry Maneker said...

Thanks so much for posting this, John.

Blake: You prove the point that there are two types of people in this world: the decent and the indecent; the Godly and the unGodly.

You have shown yourself, just by this video, that you are the former, a decent, Godly, young man, and you will be a force for good the rest of your life, and in any and all situations in which you find yourself.

To stand up for the oppressed is hard enough for an adult. When a young man like you does so, it is far more impressive and powerful, and, as John says, shows that the future holds out hope because there are people like you in this world.

God bless you, not only for this video and for your words, but for who you undoubtedly are, and have shown yourself to be, as a human being.

Anonymous said...

God bless you all! wow I never thought it would blow up to actually get me THIS big around that people are actually talking about me and hearing me out. People at school are congradulating me for my achievements and God bless the ones who are right here saying these things. John thank you for posting this, its a great honor

Thank you, Mr. Jerry for the kind words.

Andy said...

Blake, you give me a new-found faith that there are youth in this country today that care about making this world a better place. Thank you for your bold and touching statement.