Thursday, March 13, 2008

Explosive Interview With Oregon State Senator Gary "Gay-Hater" George

In Oregon there was a failed petition drive to prevent a law going into effect last January 1st that gave Oregonians civil unions as a maital option for same sex couples. Since this failed attempt opponents of equality are now trying to repeal the law:


State senator Gary George’s advice to the gay community? “Shut up!”

In his first media interview since coming forward as co-sponsor of the initiative to repeal the recently enacted Oregon Equality Act – an anti-discrimination law for sexual minorities – George railed against gay activists and affirmative action, and warned that if gays continued to be “oppressive toward straights,” they were in danger of “violent backlash.”

The full interview will appear in the March 21 issue of Just Out, but excerpts are included below.

Just Out: Why are you sponsoring this repeal initiative?
State senator Gary George: I’ve had people approach me for special rights for homosexuals and I don’t believe anyone should have special rights. I’ve had members of the gay community come in and ask and I’ll say I’m sorry I don’t give anyone special rights.

Just Out: What sort of special rights do you feel that the Oregon Equality Act offers?
George: First off, I thought that was a fabrication of definition, in the sense that you gave special rights, it picks out another group, a lifestyle group, and says hmm, you have all these protections. The main thing that bothered us with the whole bill was the fact that here we go again, adding one more class of people that need to have special rights.

Read the rest of this article HERE.

Please suffer through the whole article, it's worth the read in order to fully understand the depth of ignorance this man shows of himself in this public interview. Oregonians, you have some work to do in the polls against this bigot. Start looking for a retirement home Senator George, I have a feeling that you've served your last term.


Anonymous said...

what an asswhole! God I can't believe that!

John Hosty-Grinnell said...

There are plenty of haters out there, that's for sure. Thanks for the comment!

You might want to read some of what has been recently posted here, it's just as amazing.