Friday, March 21, 2008

Obama: From Crisis to Crowning Achievement

From Wayne Besen's blog we have:

It had been a devastating week for Barack Obama. The rationale for his entire campaign was hope and reconciliation. Yet, for days, his former pastor, Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright, was shown on television delivering rabid and racially insensitive sermons denouncing America. Rightfully sensing his candidacy may be history if he did not respond, Obama answered with a spine-tingling, tear-evoking historical speech that was so remarkable, it drew comparisons to addresses made by Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy.

Read the rest of Besen's article at his website from the link provided above.

Many people have come forward to say that Obama should have taken action and found another pastor a long time ago. For many people their church and their congregation are like family, and they are hard to turn away from. That being said Obama's ability to point us in the right direction when the slings and arrows are flying indicates to me that we have a truly visionary leader on our hands. How people handle pressure is of the utmost importance, but when you can turn it around so that you have the whole world contemplating your message, that is someone worth our consideration.


Jamaica said...
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Ryan Charisma said...

I absolutely disagree.

John Hosty-Grinnell said...

Ryan, I realize that you announced your support for Hillary last month on your blog, but if you want people to support her you can do it without resorting to the republican style tactics of ripping apart your opponents. Obama is standing strong on his merits, that's where her strength is too. She deserves her supporters to be talking about what she has instead of a three word comment attempting to dismiss a speech that is destined to be in our history books regardless of whether or not Obama becomes our next President.

I see two candidates both worthy of our attention, and neither needing mudslinging to elevate them.