Saturday, August 16, 2008

MassResistanceWatch on Latest Antics

Our friends over at MassResistanceWatch have been doing a fine job keeping tabs on the uber-hateful group MassResistance, founded by Brian Camenker. Let's take a field trip over there and see what goofball antics Brian and Amy have for us today.

Many thanks should go out to Buddy over on MassResistanceWatch for getting his hands dirty watching this known hate group so we all don't have to personally endure their attacks in order to stay informed. It should be noted that the Southern Poverty Law Center that provides the service of tracking America's hate groups lists only one anti-gay hate group in either Massachusetts or Kansas. What is MassResistance's sister group in Kansas? None other than Fred Phelp's Westborough Baptist Church, also known as Here's the link to verify this truth.

As I listened to this man rank it occurred to me his face was familiar, then it struck me from where; the preacher man (oddly enough) from Poltergeist II.

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