Sunday, August 24, 2008

"Exxon" John McCain

Yesterday, John McCain staged a photo-op on an oil rig partially owned by ExxonMobil to promote his Big-Oil-First energy plan.

This rig was a perfect metaphor for his plan, since it took 10 years to produce a single drop of oil.

That's the same 10-year lag that non-partisan energy experts and scientists say it may take before McCain's "Drill here! Now!" energy plan produces any new oil.

So why does McCain want an energy plan that puts Exxon first?

How about two million bucks in campaign contributions from Big Oil?

Check out the "Exxon John" video our team made to expose John McCain for being in the pocket of Big Oil:

For nearly 30 years, Exxon John has stood with Big Oil and voted against alternative energy.

Just months ago, John McCain was the only Senator who skipped a vote on an energy bill to channel $13 billion in tax breaks for Big Oil into alternative energy development. The bill came out one vote short -- but Exxon John's friends in Big Oil came out one vote ahead.

John McCain is still playing energy politics the way they've been played for decades in Washington. Well-connected lobbyists and special interests get everything they could want while hardworking families get left behind.

Let's make sure the public knows John McCain really puts Big Oil first. Pass the Exxon John video on to your family and friends today:

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