Thursday, August 28, 2008

Barry Scott Turns Nightmare into Crusade

Here is a press release from Mr. Scott:

I am creating the Fund Against Police Brutality...starting with t-shirts and then a series of concert events. The object is to help people injured by the police who become criminals themselves, like many of the cops in Provincetown, Massachusetts--who lied on official reports and repeatedly in a court of law.

Many have watched the trial or seen the web page set up by friends and supporters:

The page has received over 50,000 visits since the trial! That's a lot of views and a lot of eyes opened to this injustice. I have spoken to many people about the case, including ABC's 20/20.

We are still waiting to hear from Brian Merrick (I have a difficult time putting 'judge' near his name after his disgusting behavior during the trial) about our second request to poll the jurors after two e-mails sent to me talked about the trial, how juror #7 felt I wasn't guilty and had spoken to the alternate juror before the trial, which is illegal.

Merrick should do the right thing and allow us to talk with the jurors involved. It's the law... but, it appears the fix was in before this trial started, by all accounts from D.A. Michael O'Keefe, so I don't believe he will. He'll do what the Provincetown Police, EMT's that came forward three days before trial and Ed Foley did: Continue the corruption and lies. I will hold my head up high that I tried to do the right thing for those that will follow and be beaten after Bryan and me...and there certainly will be more in Provincetown and across the state as they got away with it, so far, once again.

I am planning a series of fundraisers with various recording artists to raise money for future victims of police brutality who need to hold them accountable for their 'blue shield' lies. It is a positive way for me to get some energy from this injustice out.

I also have new t-shirts with the simple words: "The Police Lied."--which will be worn proudly and are now for sale to benefit the new organization at the link:

The brutality of Bryan and me last July 14th will not go unpunished. My conviction and $690 in charges will not go unnoticed after over $45,000 and 14 months in the judicial process. I fought with all my heart to hold the community responsible.

Anyone who would like to contribute and hold police accountable for their criminal actions can buy a t-shirt today or donate via the web site!

It's the Fund Against Police Brutality:

Disclaimer: Note: The F.A.P.B. does not believe that all police officers engage in lies, brutality and criminal behavior. Many risk their lives and honor their badge each and every day. Others, such as The Provincetown, Massachusetts Police Department, have injured people in their custody, lied on official police reports and under oath in a court of law. This makes them no better than a thief, rapist or drug dealer. They are criminals themselves. This fund will protect people from police officers who dishonor their badge!

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