Thursday, August 21, 2008

How Many Houses Does John McCain Own?

John McCain has a lot of houses. How many?

He can't keep track.

Yesterday, when asked by reporters how many homes he owns, McCain responded, "I think -- I'll have my staff get to you."

This is the latest in a string of striking and revealing comments by McCain. Recently he said that from his perspective "the fundamentals of our economy are strong" right now, then he said that millionaires are not rich as long as they're making less than $5 million a year.

Today, the Obama campaign launched a television ad exposing just how out-of-touch McCain is with the realities American families face.

In an economy where millions of Americans are sinking under high mortgages and rising gas prices, we can't afford another president who doesn't get it.

In John McCain's world, the limits on campaign contributions should rise with inflation, but the minimum wage should not. In fact, he believes there shouldn't be any increase at all in the minimum wage.

How can he help the middle class when he doesn't know who they are? And how can he fix the economy if he doesn't know it's broken?

McCain's money may have bought him a lot of houses, but there's one house we can't afford to let McCain add to his list: the White House. Not on our watch.

Please watch the Obama campaign's ad and write a letter to your local papers about how out-of-touch John McCain is with economic realities:


John said...

The middle class has been losing ground since 1975:

"Since 1975, practically all the gains in household income have gone to the top 20% of households."

This statement is not from the Democrats or the Communists or the Greens, but from that bastion of liberal thought, the CIA.

I agree that Mr. McCain is out of touch; I'm not sure Obama is a hell of a lot better.

John Hosty-Grinnell said...

Given the slogan "Four more years" would apply to another republican in the white house, I'd rather jump out of a moving vehicle than let John McCain run things into the ground.

He became a republican droid so that he could have a shot at the presidency, I don't respect a man that gives up his independent "straight talk" like that for the sake of votes.

I actually liked him before he got this way.

John said...

I too, used to like McCain. While I still disagreed with most of his policy positions, he had the intellectual honesty to defend his views with data rather than prejudice.

Now, he is just a 5 million dollar whore.

John Hosty-Grinnell said...

I can't believe he would make a statement saying that he thought people weren't rich unless they made more than $5 million a year. This man is out of touch with the common man.

I fear by his severe change in honesty that he will be representing the best interests of big business and not peopl like us. For this reason he will not get my vote AND I will go out of my way to let people know where he stands so they can see what I see too.