Thursday, September 21, 2006

Daily show gay marriage

Here is some funny stuff!


John Hosty said...

I found this one tubeTV.

RedStateExile said...

Thanks John! I SOOO needed that laugh!

BTW, we had a really great editorial up in our local paper from the co-chairman of PFLAG about our state marriage amendment.

Skip said...

It seems that there can be plenty of laughs, and it was funny BTW especially the turtle bit, but I am not sure why there is no refutting of the facts proposed by ANY of the legislative officials who spoke on the floor?

Oh, I know why...because what they are saying is true.

Can anyone out there explain to me how same-sex marriages are beneficial to anyone including the homosexual couple who is "married"?

When do the children of same-sex couples have a say in their basic right to a female mother and a male father?

Try to engage in some sort of civil discourse on this one. Putting aside all the laughs...try.

Ken Weaver said...

Ok Skip, here goes nothing.

If children have a right to a mother and father, who does the child sue when he or she has grown up in a single parent family?

Are not two parents (regardless of gender) better at raising a child than one?

Same sex marriages will benefit everyone. When all people are seen as equal, people are more civil to each other. If you have even one person who is seen as less than another it will breed hatred and fear. That hatred and fear is what almost all minorities in this country has had to face, until the minorities themselves stood and said in a single loud roar “WE WILL NOT TAKE IT ANYMORE”. How much blood was lost on the issue of black civil rights? How much blood has been lost because of the hatred against the GLBT community? When our children see that a group is labeled as less than equal, they will automatically see this minority as “beneath them”. They will feel that “superiority complex” for a long time (regardless of the government stepping in and saying that they are now equal). If we start seeing this minority as equal to all others today, it will be years before those that hated them will realize the damage they caused.

Ken Weaver said...

“…only a man and woman have the ability to create children, it’s the law of nature”.
The GLBT community is not demanding nature grant them children, they are demanding their union be given the same legal consideration as other unions.

“…breakdown of the family…children being born out of wedlock…”
These are already happening, who is causing it, the heterosexual community.

“…communities and cultures in decay…”
This is happening without gay marriage as well, it’s not going to get any better or worse with SSM.

“…the future of our country hangs in the balance because the future of the American family hangs in the balance…”
This guy is so right it’s almost pathetic. I don’t want to live in a country where some are considered less of a person for any reason. The definition of the American family has changed through the years; this is just another “growing pain” in the evolution of America.

“…it does not affect your daily life very much if your neighbor marries a box turtle, but that does not mean it is right. Now you must raise your children up in a world where that union of man and box turtle is on the same legal footing as man and wife…”
It is ludicrous to compare same sex relationships to a union of man and beast. No beast can say “I do” with meaning. I find his analogy deplorable and despicable.

John Hosty said...

The reason you don't see people on the senate floor interupting the speakers is because they are following Robert's Rules of Order. There are valid reasons to interupt, but not to argue a point, they have to wait there turn.

There are many good people out there that happen to be gay. That is not a valid reason to deny someone the priveledge to be a parent. If being gay was harmfull it could still be argued that notably bad people can still have children, so why should the gay community be held to a different standard? My understanding is that children need a loving and nurturing environment, but can prosper in unorthodox situations, like being raised by the grandmother for example.

I think that there are so many other more accurate ways to gauge a person's ability to parent than asking their sexual orientation. Anyone ever seen the movie, "Sling Blade"?

Ken Weaver said...

I never saw "Sling Blade", what's it about?

John said...

"Are not two parents (regardless of gender) better at raising a child than one?

Then you can argue that three are better than two, and I'll vouch for that, having been raides by three parents.

John Hosty said...

Sling Blade is an oscar winning movie where Billy Bob Thornton portrays a slow but lovable man named Karl Childers, who has been in a mental hospital all his life for murdering his mother and her adulterous lover when he was still a child. He used a sling blade, I want to say it's something like a hand sickle, but in any case it was brutal. He finally wins release and finds work in his home town, befriending a little boy named Frank. It turns out Frank is fatherless and the mother's boyfriend is abusive. After realizing how much the boyfriend's abuse is effecting the boy, Karl sees that there is no place for him in society, that he fits better in the hospital than in the real world, and kills the mother's boyfriend in order to free the boy from a life similar to the distaster his own life had become. In a way he is the hero, although a murderer, and the mother's boyfriend is the monster. John Ritter played a kind hearted boss of Frank's mother with a long term significant other. He has so much love and kindness in his heart he tried standing up to the mother's boyfriend, and in the end agrees to help raise the boy, promising he will give all the love and guidance the boy needs.

As unorthodox as this situation is, in reality there are a lot of families as unorthodox out there that end up working out just fine. People rise out of tremendous odds to do great things every day, the most important element in a child's life is love. There are too many greater flaws out there than a genuinely loving home of a single or same sex couple to be pointing out the fact that they are not traditional. Much too many. If anyone wants to bring this up with me again, they should first consider all the other scenarios. I am from an unorthodox home, and looking back I wouldn't have changed that, because it saved me from years of abuse at the hands of an alcoholic step-father. No, I much would have preferred being raised by ANYONE but him.

John said...

I hear you, John. I too was raised in an uncoventional home and I will go so far as to say it was better than a "Leave it to Beaver" enviroment.

I tried to start a conversation about this on another blog, but it went nowhere.

The very people who argue that a conventional arrangemnt is perfect for the children, at the same time often practice very unconventional ideas themselves in other areas.

Think about the fundy who homeshools, the Sikh families who marry off their children while still in highschool, the Jehovah Witnesses whose children miss out on birthdays, the Jews whose children can't celebrate Christmas with their peers.

These are also unconventional. So what. The kids from unconventional environments grow up with more tolerance and appreciation for other views.

Up to a point, but then:

Think about the fundy who teaches his children that his history teacher is lying and that the US is really a Christian Nation, or tells them to ignore his evolution science class.

The real question has nothing to do with tradition, but values.

Values that are worth passing on are worth passing on, regardless of the gender of the person who passes on those values.

As to argument that children must learn first hand the proper gender roles, I would submit that the home is not the only place where children learn, nor it is a given that there is a proper role for man, and another proper role for women.

Life can get complicated. The kids will be fine as long as they are loved.

Which brings me to my final point.

You can ignore everything I said before "The kids will be fine as long as they are loved."

Love makes things simple. And makes order out of chaos

John Hosty said...

So well put. Thanks John.