Thursday, September 07, 2006

Were do the local politicians stand?

Remember that posting these names is of no use unless you talk about who you support with your friends, family, and fellow workers. Getting the word out is as important as voting itself. I have put our "LLL" trademark next to the candidate that supports us for your convenience:

House - 12th Essex (Peabody)

D - Joyce Spiliotis, 85 Gardner St., Peabody (opponent of equality, incumbent)
D - Sean R. Fitzgerald, 6 Elaine Ave., Peabody (LLL approved)
R - Jason C. Harding, 14 Tuckers Ct., Peabody

Comment: This would be a great fight to win.

House - 5th Suffolk (Boston/Dorchester)

D - Marie St. Fleur, 45 Hartford St., Boston (LLL approved, incumbent)
D - Severiano Cruz, 38 Dacia St., Boston
D - Roy Owens, 6 Woodville St., Boston (opponent of equality)
R - Althea Garrison, 644 Dudley St., Boston

House - 10th Worcester (Milford/Mendon/Hopedale)

D - Marie J. Parente, 13 Reagan Rd., Milford (opponent of equality, incumbent)
D - John V. Fernandes, 320 Purchase St., Milford (LLL approved)
R - Robert P. Burns, 101 Mill St., Hopedale

Comment: Parente has been a thorn is the side of the gay community long enough.

House - 12th Norfolk (Norwood/Walpole)

D - John H. Rogers, 194 Plantation Cir., Norwood (LLL approved)
D - Leah C. O'Leary, 13 Devon Rd., Norwood (LLL approved)

House - 11th Hampden (Springfield)

D - Benjamin Swan, 837 State St., Springfield (LLL approved)
D - Larry Lawson, 484 Hancock St., Springfield
D - Norman W. Oliver, 377 St. James Ave., Springfield (opponent of equality)

House - 13th Bristol (New Bedford)

D - Antonio F.D. Cabral, 212 Maple St., New Bedford (LLL approved)
D - Brian K. Gomes, 66 Clara St., New Bedford
U - Robert K. Gardern, Jr.

House - 16th Worcester (Worcester)

D - John P. Fresolo, 25 Dolly Dr., Worcester (opponent of equality)
D - Melissa J. Murgo, 179 Delmont Ave., Worcester (LLL approved)

House - 8th Worcester (Webster/Uxbridge/Dudly)

D - Paul Kujawski, 71 Klebart Ave., Webster (opponent of equality)
D - Mark G. Dowgiewicz, 16 Reid Smith Cove Rd., Webster (LLL approved)

House - 9th Essex (Lynn/Saugus/Lynnfield)

D - Mark V. Falzone, 9 Broadway, Saugus (LLL approved)
D - Sean P. Grant, 485 Central St., Saugus

House - 7th Bristol (Fall River)

D - Robert Correia, 1290 Plymouth Ave., Fall River (opponent of equality)
D - Kevin Aguiar, 48 Coral St., Fall River
D - John J. Rodrigues, 36 Lenox St., Fall River

Comment: We need to find out who we can support here.

House - 4th Berkshire (Pittsfield/Lenox)

D - William "Smitty" Pignatelli, 339 Housatonic St., Lenox (LLL approved)
D - Patrick Long, 84 Alford Rd., Great Barrington (LLL approved)

Senate - First Worcester (Worcester/Boylston/Holden)

D - Harriette L. Chandler, 97 Aylesbury Rd., Worcester (LLL approved)
D - Deirdre Healy, 963 Pleasant St., Worcester (LLL approved)
R - Paul E. Nordborg, 10 Sumac Cir., Holden

House - Fourth Middlesex (Arlington/Billerica/Burlington)

D - Robert A. Havern, III, 35 Bartlett Ave., Arlington (LLL approved)
D - Joanna Gonsalves, 16 Lexington St., Woburn (LLL approved)

House - 1st Worcester (Holden/Hubbardston/Princeton)

R - Lewis G. Evangelidis, 215 Newell Rd., Holden (opponent of equality)
D - Nate Kaplan, 45 Twin Hill Rd., Hubbardston
D - Emery C. Markles, 98 Old Princeton Rd., Hubbardston

Comment: I would like to get some information about these two democrats. We need to find out who we can support.

House - 4th Norfolk (Weymouth)

D - James Michael Murphy, 483 Middle St., Weymouth (opponent of equality)
R - Brad P. Bennion, 14 Suwanee Rd., Weymouth
R - Robert Montgomery Thomas, 848 Washington St., Weymouth (opponent of equality)

Comment: We need to see where Bennion stands and see if we can support him.

Senate - Cape and Islands (Cape Cod)

D - Robert A. O'Leary, 154 Indian Trl., Barnstable (LLL approved)
R - Ricardo M. Barros, 1431 Iyanough Rd., Barnstable
R - Doug Bennett, 22 Lily St., Nantucket

Senate - Plymouth and Norfolk (Weymouth/Duxbury/Hingham/Marshfield)

R - Robert L. Hedlund, Jr., 54 Longwood Rd., Weymouth (opponent of equality)
D - Stephen A. Lynch, 69 Central St., Marshfield
D - Matthias J. Mulvey, 28 Edgeworth St., Weymouth

Comment: Again, we need information on these two democrats. This is a good battle to win.

House - 15th Essex ( Methuen) - formerly Rep. Arthur Broadhurst (D)

D - Linda Dean Campbell, 42 Sugar Pine Ln., Methuen
D - Edward F. Curran, 7 Cypress Ave., Methuen
D - Christopher DiBella, 4 Bumpy Ln., Methuen
D - Michael W. Hennessy, 9 Stevens St., Methuen (opponent of equality)
R - Robert A. Andrew, 522 Lowell St., Methuen (opponent of equality)

Comment: We need information about these three candidates at top.

House - 3rd Hampden (Agawam) - formerly Rep. Daniel Keenan (D)

D - Carley R. Johnson, Jr., 135 Country Rd., Agawam
D - Joseph Mineo, 33 Maple Meadows Ln., Agawam
D - Rosemary Sandlin, 90 Granger Dr., Agawam (LLL approved)
R - John Cesan, 24 Tina Ln., Agawam
R - Robert A. Magovern, 144 Birch Hill Rd., Agawam (opponent of equality)
G - Owen Broadhurst (Four Star LLL approved)

House - 28th Middlesex (Everett/Malden) - formerly Rep. Ed Connolly - deceased (D)

D - Frank Nuzzo, Jr., 20 Evelyn Rd., Everett
D - Stephen Stat Smith, 53 Clarence St., Everett (LLL approved)
D - Rosemary Miller - was aide to Rep. Connolly (LLL approved)

House - 6th Suffolk (Mattapan/Roxbury) - formerly Rep. Shirley Owens-Hicks (D)

D - Willie Mae Allen, 85 Deering Rd., Boston (LLL approved)
D - William R. Celester, Sr., 115 Hazleton St., Boston (LLL approved)

House - 6th Worcester (Southbridge/Charlton/Spencer) - formerly Rep. Mark Carron (D)

D - Geraldo Alicea, 13 Deer Run, Charlton
D - Patrick J. Driscoll, 35 Donnelly Rd., Spencer (LLL approved)
D - Scott S. Lazo, 36 Ellis Rd., Southbridge
D - Joanne E. Powell, 15 Dodge Ln., Charlton (opponent of equality)
D - Karen A. Spiewak, 90 Osgood Rd., Charlton
R - Ronald J. Chernisky, 51 Harrington St., Southbridge (opponent of equality)
R - David M. Singer, 2 Keely Dr., Charlton (opponent of equality)

House - 12th Hampden (Springfield/Wilbraham) - formerly Rep. Gale Candaras (D)

D - Angelo J. Puppolo, Jr., 44 South Shore Dr., Springfield (opponent of equality)
R - Bob Collamore, 26 Weston St., Wilbraham
R - Christopher R. Leisey, 15 Wright Pl., Wilbraham

Comment: We need to find out who we can support here.

House - 3rd Worcester (Fitchburg) - formerly Rep. Emile Goguen (D)

D - Stephen L. DiNatale, 150 Walton St., Fitchburg
D - David P. Leblanc, 30 Silver St., Fitchburg (LLL approved)
D - Mary H. Whitney, 12 Pine St., Fitchburg (LLL approved)
R - Edward L. Niemczura, 97 East St., Fitchburg (LLL approved)

House - 1st Bristol (Foxborouth/Mansfield/Norton) - formerly Rep. Virginia Coppola (R)

D - Matthew J. Donovan, 101 M Chestnut St., Foxborough (LLL approved)
D - Paul R. Feeney, 182 North St., Foxborough (LLL approved)
D - Claire B. Naughton, 4 Everett Ln., Foxborough
R - Fred "Jay" Barrows, 370 Pratt St., Mansfield (opponent of equality)

House - 4th Barnstable (Cape Cod) - formerly Rep. Shirley Gomes (R)

D - Ronald J. Bergstrom, 1347 Old Queen Anne Rd., Chatham (LLL approved)
D - Raymond C. Gottwald, 38 Huckleberry Path, Harwich
D - Sarah K. Peake, 7 Center St., Provincetown (LLL approved)
R - Andrew G. Buckley, 202 Lime Hill Rd., Chatham (LLL approved)
R - Donald F. Howell, 14 Haskell Ln., Harwich (LLL approved)
R - Aaron R. Maloy, 81A Finlay Rd., Orleans

House - 4th Bristol (Rehoboth/Seekonk) - formerly Rep. Philip Travis (D)

D - Nicholas D. Bernier, 494 Sharps Lot Rd., Swansea (LLL approved)
D - Steven J. D'Amico, 81 Briarwood Dr., Seekonk (LLL approved)
D - Robert A. Marquis, 298 Vinnicum Rd., Swansea (opponent of equality)
D - John W. Whelan, 15 Woodward Ave., Seekonk (LLL approved)
R - Steven S. Howitt, 425 Pine St., Seekonk (LLL approved)
R - Brian D. Langevin, 65 Sanctuary Ln., Seekonk

Comment: Travis was one of the most active opponents of marriage equality.

Senate - Berkshire, Hampshire & Franklin (Pittsfield/North Adams) - formerly Sen. Andrea Nuciforo (D)

D - Benjamin Brackett Downing, 123 Pomeroy Ave., Pittsfield (LLL approved)
D - Christopher Hodgkins, 100 Franklin St., Lee (LLL approved)
D - Helen Sharron, 343 Huntington Rd., Worthington (LLL approved)
D - Margaret Johnson Ware, 24 Moorland St., Williamstown (LLL approved)
D - John T. Zelazo, 22 Summit Ave., Adams (LLL approved)
R - Matthew W. Kinnaman, 165 Mandalay Rd., Lee (opponent of equality)

Senate - First Hampden & Hampshire (Springfield/East Longmeadow) - formerly Sen. Brian Lees (R)

D - Brian Michael Ashe, 107 Belleclaire Ave., Longmeadow
D - Rep. Gale D. Candaras, 643 Tinkham Rd., Wilbraham (LLL approved)
D - Rosemarie Mazza-Moriarty, 95 Osborne Ter., Springfield (LLL approved)
R - Kevin Q. Corridan, 198 Atwater Rd., Springfield (LLL approved)
R - Ronald J. Cutler, 35 Dorset St., East Longmeadow (opponent of equality)
R - Enrico John Villamaino, III, 834 Somers Rd., East Longmeadow (LLL approved)


John said...

A surprising number of Republicans are LLL aproved.

John Hosty said...

By my count there are six. I am only looking at the candidates by their stance on gay marriage, so the LLL endorsement I give does cross party lines. One thing I should make clear is that the LLL endorsement is my own and not the opinions of the LLL staff as a collective. It is simply meant to state who is gay friendly, nothing more.

John said...

No need to clarify; I am not concerned that anyone might take it to mean that I endorse the GOP.

Since you live in Salem, you could look it up. I am a registered Republican.