Friday, September 22, 2006

Pro Gay Candidates Crush Opponents in Primary

The results are in and we sent quite a message to the world! Now it will be obvious to any politician that there is no need to fear voting for equality, for the teeth seem to be coming out of the hate machine one at a time. Here is a quick view of what has happened:

House - 12th Essex (Peabody)
60% D - Joyce Spiliotis (opponent of equality)

Comment: Joyce Spiliotis is an encumbent and won her nomination again. She is an opponent of equality. This is one race you may see me get personally involved in. I want her out. That's one for the bad guys.

House - 5th Suffolk (Boston/Dorchester)
56% D - Marie St. Fleur (LLL Aproved)

Marie St. Fleur handily beat the opponents of equality to maintain her nomination again as an incumbent. That's one for us, we are tied one to one.

House - 10th Worcester (Milford/Mendon/Hopedale)
59% D - John V. Fernandes (LLL Aproved)

John Fernandes is new to the scene, but he has been able to overthrow the tyrannic Marie Parente, who has been a major contributor to the hysteria over gay equality. This is a huge win on our side, score: two to one.

House - 12th Norfolk (Norwood/Walpole)
72% D - John H. Rogers (LLL Aproved)

John Rogers won the nomination, but both of these democrats support equality for all, so it was an automatic loss for our opposition. Score: three to one.

House - 11th Hampden (Springfield)
55% D - Benjamin Swan (LLL Aproved)

Benjamin Swan, with a TWENTY FIVE POINT SPREAD sent a clear message to those who wish to use the gay community as a devisive tool that it will not be tolerated. Another win for us, making the score four to one.

House - 13th Bristol (New Bedford)
59% D - Antonio F.D. Cabral (LLL Aproved)

Antonio Cabral recieved almost one third MORE votes than the hand picked opponent to gay marriage. Are you feeling the momentum? I am! That brings another win, and our scores climbs to five to one!

House - 16th Worcester (Worcester)
57% D - John P. Fresolo (opponent of equality)

Melissa J. Murgo has enough backing she could get a write in vote. this goes in the loss column. Score five to two.

House - 8th Worcester (Webster/Uxbridge/Dudly)
62% D - Paul Kujawski (opponent of equality)

This was a no win for us, with two opponents for candidates. Score: five to three.

House - 9th Essex (Lynn/Saugus/Lynnfield)
60% D - Mark V. Falzone (LLL Aproved)

Mark Falzone is heavily endorsed by the gay community and this is a nice win to have. Score: six to three.

House - 7th Bristol (Fall River)
69% D - Robert Correia (opponent of equality)

Not a lot of competition against this guy, this was a loss we expected. Score: six to four.

House - 4th Berkshire (Pittsfield/Lenox)
88% D - William "Smitty" Pignatelli (LLL Aproved)

This was an expected win as there were no oponnents to gay marriage as candidates. Score: seven to four.

Senate - First Worcester (Worcester/Boylston/Holden)
77% D - Harriette L. Chandler (LLL Aproved)

One of our strong supporters gets strong support in return! Score: eight to four.

Senate - Fourth Middlesex (Arlington/Billerica/Burlington)
61% D - Robert A. Havern, III (LLL Aproved)

From the words of our "friends" at MassResistance, "Another hopeless race." Score: nine to four.

House - 1st Worcester (Holden/Hubbardston/Princeton)
71% D - Nate Kaplan

Check back with me on this guy, I am ging to be looking for information on where he stand with civil rights. Since he is heavily supported and our opposition plans on backing the republican ticket in this race, I am going to consider this a draw. Score: 9-4-1.

House - 4th Norfolk (Weymouth)
55% R - Robert Montgomery Thomas (opponent of equality)

This is a tough race for us, we lack a good candidate. Democrat James Murphy may just surprize us now that the whole anti-gay movement is starting to become unfashionable. He has voted in favor of some things we support. Still mark this as a loss for now. Score: 9-5-1.

Senate - Cape and Islands (Cape Cod)
D - Robert A. O'Leary (LLL Aproved)

Robert O'Leary is an incumbent and an Allie. Again quoting MassResistance,"O'Leary isn't easy to beat in this district, and unfortunately it doesn't look like he'll go down this time." Score: 10-5-1

Senate - Plymouth and Norfolk (Weymouth/Duxbury/Hingham/Marshfield)
57% D - Stephen A. Lynch

Lynch won the democratic ticket against an overt supporter of equality, but we don't see him listed as a supporter or a opponent of equality. Since our opponents have decided to back Hedlund we should score this a draw, at least until we see where Lynch stands. Score: 10-5-2

House - 15th Essex ( Methuen) - Rep. Arthur Broadhurst (D)
32% D - Linda Dean Campbell

This is a vacant seat normally kept by democrats. Campbell squeezed out a close victory against Christopher DiBella, who was our choice. Again this should be considered a draw since Campbell has not been claimed by either side. Score 10-5-3

House - 3rd Hampden (Agawam) - Rep. Daniel Keenan (D)

D - Rosemary Sandlin (LLL Aproved)
R - Robert A. Magovern (opponent of equality)

With us winning the democratic ticket, and our opponents winning the republican ticket this is another draw, but it is again a seat often held by democrats. Score: 10-5-4

House - 28th Middlesex (Everett/Malden) - Rep. Ed Connolly - deceased (D)
52% D - Stephen Stat Smith

Connolly was an opponent of ours, so to see his seat open is a step in the right direction. Stephen Smith is our backed candidate, this is a strong win. Score:11-5-4

House - 6th Suffolk (Mattapan/Roxbury) - Rep. Shirley Owens-Hicks (D)
52% D - Willie Mae Allen (LLL Aproved)

With no candidates left that are against gay marriage this is an easy win. Score 12-5-4

House - 6th Worcester (Southbridge/Charlton/Spencer) - Rep. Mark Carron (D)
31% D - Geraldo Alicea (LLL Aproved)
52% R - David M. Singer (opponent of equality)

Another vacant seat held by democrats, and another scenario where both sides got their candidates. Score 12-5-5

House - 12th Hampden (Springfield/Wilbraham) - Rep. Gale Candaras (D)
D - Angelo J. Puppolo, Jr. (opponent of equality)
R - Christopher R. Leisey

The best we can hope for in this race is that Leisey will do the right thing. Puppolo is not our man. Where Leisey has not taken one side this is considered a draw, but it feels more like a loss becuase Gale Candaras is running for a seat in the senate. Score: 12-5-6

House - 3rd Worcester (Fitchburg) - Rep. Emile Goguen (D)
66% D - Stephen L. DiNatale (LLL Aproved)

Huge Victory! All candidates were in direct oppostion to vacating Emile Goguen. These people must have really wanted change! Score:13-5-6

House - 1st Bristol (Foxborouth/Mansfield/Norton) - Rep. Virginia Coppola (R)
D - Claire B. Naughton (LLL Aproved)
R - Fred "Jay" Barrows (opponent of equality)

This is a tough fight, but we are not out of it. Both sides got their man in, so another tie. Score 13-5-7

House - 4th Barnstable (Cape Cod) - Rep. Shirley Gomes (R)
55% D - Sarah K. Peake (LLL Aproved)

ANOTHER HUGE WIN!!! It is great to see the Cape getting the representation it deserves for a change. With Gomes out of the way it is easy sailing again to another victory. Score 14-5-7

House - 4th Bristol (Rehoboth/Seekonk) - Rep. Philip Travis (D)
38% D - Steven J. D'Amico (LLL Aproved)
29% D - Nicholas D. Bernier (LLL Aproved)
17% D - John W. Whelan (opponent of equality)
16% D - Robert A. Marquis (LLL Aproved)
75% R - Steven S. Howitt (LLL Aproved)
25% R - Brian D. Langevin (opponent of equality)

I posted the results of the two races so you could see how resoundingly our opposition was defeated! This is Phil Travis' back yard!!! Apparently his constituents are sick and tired of scare tactics and all the lies about their peacefull gay neighbors. This victory is so huge I should count it twice, but I won't. Score 15-5-7

Senate - Berkshire, Hampshire & Franklin (Pittsfield/North Adams) - Sen. Andrea Nuciforo (D)

D - Benjamin Brackett Downing (LLL Aproved)
R - Matthew W. Kinnaman

They have a slim chance of pulling out a victory here, but since they have a candidate on the ballot, this is considered a draw. Score 15-5-8

Senate - First Hampden&Hampshire (Springfield/East Longmeadow) - Sen. Brian Lees (R)
D - Rep. Gale D. Candaras (LLL Aproved)
R - Enrico John Villamaino, III (LLL Aproved)

Here is our girl Gale Candaras! This seat is republican, but in this race we have only supporters of equality on the ballot, with the haters candidate getting last place again. Score 16-5-8

As you can see when the math is done the gay community can be very proud of its neighbors! We need to make sure that this victory does not give us a flase sense of security. We need to be ever vigilant against the religious right's constant attacks on our rights. Let's all take a deep breath, give each other a pat on the back, and keep up the good work. We have to lobby for our candidates, and remind them of their obligation in November to vote down the anti-equality marriage petition. There are many ways to get rid of it, and frankly I don't care how it gets done, so long as the trash gets taken out. Amen!


John Hosty said...

If anyone has information on candidates that are not identified as pro-gay or anit-gay, please let me know. It is so very important that we stay on top of this issue.

Anonymous said...

RedStateExile said...

That's great news, John! Thanks for sharing. Now if only the other candidates across the country and the party as a whole would catch a clue, we could really start celebrating!

John Hosty said...

I would love to see a list from Tennessee.... wink-wink. :)

We have a lot of resources up here you won't have, but if you supply the facts people will talk. That is one thing that seems common in all slices of society; the love for gossip.

Who are the big players, and what has been going on?