Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Florida Voters Ask Important Questions About Equality

From the editorial pages of the Sun-Sentinel in Florida (yes, I have that much free time)we find this written:

How does marriage between my lesbian sister and her partner of 11 years affect my circumstances? Or anyone else's?

I ask because voters are being asked to approve an amendment to our state Constitution that would forever deny her the right to a legal union of any kind. Why? Certainly not because it harms anyone else. I have racked my brain and can come up with no ideas about how it would affect anyone else's life.

Read the rest here. All evil needs in order to be triumphant is for good men to do nothing. It's nice to see that in Florida we have some good people that are asking themselves questions in line with the parable of The Good Samaraitan. MLK phrased it right, "If I do nothing, what will happen to him?" We all need to be asking ourselves questions in order to seperate the truth from deception. I've always contended that the easiest way to find out which side is telling the truth is to not trust wither one, and check all the facts. Once you begin to find lies, you know not to trust that side. Thank you to all those people who invest enough time into this issue to become aware of the problem ahead.

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John said...

"If I do nothing, what will happen to him?"

That is a really good point.

And timely, too, as right now Jay Severin in on the radio.