Friday, February 22, 2008

The Institution of Marriage Isn't Under Attack by Gays



I find it necessary to respond strongly to blatant demagoguery, particularly of the customary right wing nature, regarding defense of the so-called marriage amendment or the concept of traditional marriage. That concept always seems to be predicated upon the militant onslaught of so-called homosexual activists.

Tom Uebbing's charges in his Feb. 5 Michiana Point of View, "Defending marriage should not be a partisan issue," are so blatantly biased that one can only assume he has lost sight of what appears to be a repetitive and childish prejudicial attitude toward gay people.

The institution of marriage is not under attack, nor is it the least bit challenged by gay folks seeking a measure of union equality for their partnerships. To attack a minority group such as homosexuals by using them as an obvious scapegoat for all the vulnerabilities and failures within the institution of heterosexual marriage is simply disingenuous or, more to the point, mean-spirited and it makes transparent the more entrenched personal and biased attitude of the author.

Please read the rest of the story from the South Bend Tribune here.

Our opponents have always contended that we will ruin the institute of marriage if we are allowed, yet all indications show this is untrue. In fact, some of the evidence shows a renewed interest in marriage since it has been so talked about in recent times. One thing is for certain, the troubles of marriage have NOT been created by the GLBT community, since we have only one state that allows them. No, the right wing is going to have to look within their own failures to find the solution to their marriage problems.

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John said...

Let's remember something. The battle is not straight vs. gay. Most people who support gay marriage are straight.