Monday, February 25, 2008

Worldwide Boycott of Provincetown MA Picks Up Steam

You might remember Barry Scott from last year, 5'4" disc jockey for the lost 45s, who was brutally assaulted by Provincetown police last year in what they claim was an arrest for disorderly conduct. It seems Scott was beaten and arrested merely because he announced at the turning 40 birthday party he was working that the party was being broken up by police for noise complaints. The police didn't care for his choice of words. Does freedom of speech mean anything anymore?! Despite public outcry and the obviousness of the police overreaction when trying to subdue a 135lbs. non-combative man who has never had any trouble like this before, the prosecutor has seen it fit to waste our taxpayer dollars and the court's time by moving forward on these charges.

Barry Scott, my hat is off to you. You are one of the few people who will not bend to pressure and be silent while the outrageousness of the Provincetown authorities falls around you like rain. You act in the same spirit of those like Tom Lang (, who could not watch silently while the "moral" majority tried to steal people's signatures for their intolerant cause. Like Lang, Scott could easily live his life without bringing much attention to his case, but there is something inside both men that burns for justice to be delivered. The "Rowdy Citizen" within them has awakened, and they push for the truth to be told even at their own personal cost. I have a deep respect for those who self-sacrifice for the betterment of mankind, and in Scott's continued actions to gain attention to last year's serial violence in Provincetown. You can visit Barry Scott's website for more information, and to contact him with your support. It is a hero that stands his ground firm and trudges on while legal eagles try to plant the seeds of intimidation in their path. Few people make such a stand, we should offer them our thanks and our help whenever we come across such courage.

Please visit the archives of and see the four part series on the violence that public officials for the most part seem to be ignoring. See for yourself what is going on and decide for yourself if you want to put your hard earned money into a community that is more interested in your tourist dollars than your safety. As it stands there is still a Traveler's Advisory in effect for Provincetown MA over these issues, and it will remain in effect until they are properly addressed to the satisfaction of the Boston Gay and Lesbian Anti-Violence Project.

More importantly than Scott's incident is the attitude with which the GLBT community is received by emergency and government officials. Look at the larger picture in which all these events portray an enviornment where we are not as safe as we once thought, not even in Provincetown, where there is supposedly no place for hate. Check the links below and feel free to share your thoughts with others here and elsewhere. These links are just some examples of things that have past, but there are so many more.

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