Thursday, February 14, 2008

"It looked like it was personal between the two of them"

Or so they say.

"A student at an Oxnard [California] junior high school shot another classmate Tuesday in front of two dozen other students who were settling into their first-period English class, police said.

The 15-year-old victim was rushed to St. John's Regional Medical Center, where he was initially listed in critical condition. By day's end, his condition was described as improving."

Police said they had not determined a motive for the crime.

But, reading further, we see this:

Some students said the victim, whose name was not disclosed, sometimes wore makeup and feminine jewelry and had declared himself gay. They said he was frequently taunted by other boys and had been involved in an argument with the alleged shooter, an eighth-grader who also was not named, and others Monday.
I certainly don't know the truth, but hate crimes are real, and this must be investigated from all angles.

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Mark D. Snyder said...

the la times has the most throrough article ive seen so far on this - including lgbt harassment stats.

they say the victim was involved in a n altercation at lunch a few days prior.

unfortunately it wouldnt surprise me if this child was bullied quite a bit and the altercation was about that.