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Paul Jamieson on Latest Arrests; McGee, Ryan

The following is a comment by Paul Jamieson posted to an article about Dennis Mayer and Ben LaGuer, so I moved it to it's own post for discussion.

Top Gay Marriage Lobbyists Busted for Raping Pre-Teen Boys
02/14/08 · 12:24 am posted by Aaron

Earlier this week the business and lobbying director of the gay rights machine MassEquality, also a Deval Patrick Aide, was busted in Florida for Raping a 15 year old boy while vacationing in Florida. Then today it was revealed that Provincetown Human Rights activist John Perry Ryan was arrested for engaging in child pornagraphy, also while on vacation. Carl Stanley McGee, now also one of Deval Patricks highest paid staffers, played a key role in defeating supporters of traditional families in the legislature and replacing them with candidates financed by MassEquality donors. He also used MassEqualities powerful "machine" to help Patrick win the Democratic primary and general election. Governor Patrick really appreciated this and rewarded him with a $150,000.00 a year job as an executive manager in his office. The residents of this State should be appauled. But then again this is Massachusetts, where this kind of behavior seems to be acceptable. If you speak out against the sleazy wing of the gay community, it not very politically correct for the liberals (and the quick to sell out Republicans).

When I ran for State Representative in 2006 I begged to media and voters to be very cautious when blindly throwing their support behind candidates who were backed by gay "human rights" groups and special interest homosexual lobbyists like MassEquality. I refused their support for a reason. I knew that they were run and financed by a lot of sleazy perverted gay men. If that offends you, go visit these perps in jail, because you probably shouldn't be lurking in public areas either.

I can't even count the amount of time that I was yelled at and called a self-hating homophobe because I refused to be bossed by MassEquality and other gay power brokers from Beacon Hill. I couldn't in good conscience allow myself to be corrupted by people who were turning being gay into a business and recruiting high school and college students to be their soldiers. My opponent Sarah Peake, and all those other legislators who sold out did, and many of them were very aware of the sleazy nature of those running the organization.

The day before my election last year I got a call from a college age phone banker from MassEquality. He told me that he was calling on behalf of a "pro-family equality organization" and that the fate of thousands of families depended on me voting for Sarah Peake in the election the next day. "Oh yeah" I replied. "Why is that?" I asked him. He told me that Sarah Peake's Republican opponent (me) would strip away people's rights and enshrine discrimination into the constitution. Basically he was using deceptive language from a script that he was reading from. In reality he was saying "Vote for Sarah Peake. She let our pedophile Business Director help her raise $150,000.00 from rich gay men and she will do what we say."

I asked him how old he was. He told me that he was 18 and a freshman in college. Stunned by this I outed myself to him and told him that I was that "Republican opponent" of Peake's. I also mentioned that I too was gay and had no desire to strip away people rights or enshrine discrimination into the constitution. He was speechless. "Don't let those people at MassEquality use you like that," I urged of him. I let him know that I was also young, gay and naive at one point in my life too and that he should focus more on studying for his finals than being an agent of the power and money-hungry agenda of MassEquality's sleazy businessman. At this point he could no longer use his script and almost uttered a sincere apology to me. I, unlike Sarah Peake or the cronies at MassEquality, wasn't trying to use him for my political benefit, and he realized this.

This should send a very important message to voters in Massachusetts. In the upcoming legislative election those legislators who allowed this pedophile business director at MassEquality who was caught raping a 12 year old boy to raise money for their campaigns and help them get elected should be defeated. The two gay powerhouses who were recently busted while engaging in sexual behavior with pre-adolescent boys during their out of State vacations had no business influencing Massachusetts legislative elections. Both of them were the leading homosexual marriage advocates, and both of them ran smear campaigns against people with sane views on marriage like myself. THEY ARE THE VERY REASON WHY I TOOK THE POSITION THAT I DID IN 2006. I saw who was running the gay marriage agenda and said, "NO THANK YOU." My opponent Sarah Peake is on record attending MassEquality parties, begging them for more support and sending them a letter urging them expand, broaden and fortify their agenda here in Massachusetts. IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT FOR YOUR CHILDREN?


Paul Jamieson said...

PROVINCETOWN — A former Cape Cod human rights activist faces federal child pornography charges in Vermont after allegedly exchanging sexually explicit photos via computer with a man in Switzerland.

John Perry Ryan, a former Provincetown resident who actively fought for prosecution of hate crimes against gay people under former Cape and Islands District Attorney Philip Rollins, among other issues, was indicted April 5, 2007, according to federal court records.

Ryan is charged with one count of knowingly exchanging four images of child pornography on June 2, 2006, on a computer. He is also charged with one count of owning computer materials that contain images of child pornography in March 2007, according to federal records.

An investigation of Ryan began in 2006, when Swiss police contacted U.S. immigration authorities with a list of computer users who had alleged traded child pornography images with a Swiss man, Laurent Boson. Swiss police arrested Boson June 19, 2006.

Swiss authorities had monitored Boson's Internet activities between March 15, 2006, and June 6, 2006. A list of 109 users who traded computer files with Boson was then presented to U.S. authorities, according to federal records. From that list, U.S. authorities then allegedly tied a computer e-mail account and an Internet computer address to Ryan, federal records indicate.

Ryan pleaded not guilty to the child pornography charges at his arraignment on April 19, 2007. He is confined to his Vermont home with electronic monitoring, according to federal officials.

Ryan's attorney, David Williams of St. Johnsbury, Vt., is fighting one of the charges based on the argument that a search warrant used to seize Ryan's computer and other materials in his home was invalid. "We're trying to get the property seized when they searched John's house suppressed."

A judge heard arguments at a motion hearing to suppress evidence on Jan. 18 and those arguments were taken under advisement, court records indicate.

In 1989, Ryan helped form the Provincetown chapter of ACT UP, a group that described itself as diverse and nonpartisan, and committed to direct action to end the AIDS crisis. Ryan also served on a working group to combat hate crimes in Provincetown in the early 1990s, but he resigned in 1993 after appointments to the group included people he identified as bigots. In a 1998 interview with the Times, Ryan called Philip Rollins no friend of "marginalized people."

John Hosty-Grinnell said...

Paul, weren't you the one who called me pathetic for writing a post, then commenting on it? ;)

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