Saturday, May 17, 2008

Fact Sheet for S. 2637, The Anti-Bully Bill

From Don Gorton we learn:

Enacted by Senate, Pending in House Ways and Means

Bullying defined as “any unwelcome written or verbal expressions, physical acts or gestures directed at a student … with the intent to intimidate, frighten, humiliate, or cause physical or emotional harm to that person.”

Bill would require school districts to develop “a bullying prevention and intervention plan” including these components:

Policy statement against bullying;

Developmentally appropriate training for students about the consequences of bullying;

Procedures for reporting, investigating, and responding to complaints of bullying;

Disciplinary sanctions for bullying;

Designation of school official responsible for implementation of the Plan;

Annual faculty and staff trainings covering the Plan.

No private cause of action for students and parents is either created or abrogated.

Dept. of Education to develop “model bullying and prevention and intervention plan” for school districts, in collaboration with the Depts. of Public Health, Mental Health, and the Attorney General

Department of Education to compile, in consultation with the Depts. of Public Health, Mental Health, and the Attorney General, a list of bullying prevention and intervention resources, existing evidence-based programs, best practices, and academic research for use of school districts

Please join me and others in supporting this bill with your legislators. I can't imagine why anyone would be against such a bill, but I am sure that someone will have a beef with it. I think it was Robert Kennedy that said, "Twenty percent of the public will be against anything."

In passing a will say that our thoughts and prayers go out to Senator Ted Kennedy and his family. Get well soon sir, and continue to lead us as is your gifted talent.

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